Great Bong That Holds Taste Well?

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  1. Hey guys,
    I am looking to drop about $800. I want a bong that doesnt filter out the taste and will allow me to fully taste the cannabis. I have been looking at Toro, Olympic, and SG. Any opinions on what I should go with? I saw the stem8 but a lot of people say the flavor sucks out of it. Let me know! Thanks. 

  2. If you are looking for flavor look into a nice mini tube. Generally the smaller the bong the more flavor. 
  3. I'd try to hold out and save a little more for a SG peyote pillar.
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    this is very true. i have 2 bongs, a 16" straight tube & an 11" "mini" beaker. hits from the 16" feel like just pulling air almost but it doesn't really have a taste just....meh. now the mini beaker, that will kick your lung's ass if you take too large of a hit but if you hit it just right, taste almost exactly how the nug smells usually.
    i also think the downstem you choose has alot to do with it as well, showerheads give better taste along with any other simple, drag-free downstem design.
    and you could probably get a "mini" tube for $100-150 if you look around, even high-end companies are producing some budget options.
  5. Im not a fan of mini to small bongs :/ and an SG pillar is twice what I am looking to spend. What is the best bong for my budget at $800? 
  6. Im leaning more towards a Toro right now due to JP's rep across boards. Thoughts? 
  7. If you can get into in LHS that has mobious get one of those if you can inspect it

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  8. Not to mention what apix would do for ya

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    I paid full retail for mine and it was 1200.  I could've gotten a better deal if I had cash on me.  If you know where to look you can sometimes find used ones for 900-1000.
    Generally the more the diffusion the less taste.  It's always hard to find that perfect piece cause everyone likes something different.  If I were you I'd take a look at pillars (sov, itza, apix) and swiss percs (nate dizzle).  And smaller pieces do tend to have more taste, but they also are usually a bit hotter and harsher.
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