gravity bongs

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  1. if u know how to make one then they hit HUGE just make sure not to lift it off the water......
  2. Oooooo HELL YEAH ! I do them all the time. All you have to do is cut the bottom of a 2 litre bottle of and put it in to a bucket, cover the top where you would drink out of with foil and then put your holes in and put quite a lot of weed in and slowly pull it out of the water while lighting the weed, you can use 4 litre bottles, I have once used a 6 litre !! Man that kills you. You can also do a glass bong as well all you have to do is heat the bottom of the bottle up and then put it in to some cold water the bottom will fall of and there you have it a glass one, which are a lot nicer :) Hope this helps and happy taking !

  3. Heat it up and put it into cold water. I wouldn't do that one. unless you want big cracks in yer bong!
  4. No, you get a GLASS bottol.

    You heat the bottom of the bottle up.

    You up it in cold water so the bottom falls of.

    You put it in to the bucket.

    And away you go.

    Now do you understand eome ??

  5. oh i get it....
  6. Wow, i just tried the gravity bong and man i am so high. i dont even know what the fuck i am doing right no i am so fucked up. this is the shit .

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  7. those are my fish. i just took some pictures of them. that was fun
    here is my dog

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  8. haha what a cutie dog! :D
    i read this post this morning, we had taken the day off, and we decided to make a gravity bong too. woohoo~ we didn't go anywhere for awhile, and even now i'm kinda dazed.. nevermind the bowls we've smoked since, gravity bongs are fun :D
  9. Yeah told you there cool.....i had two last night 3 litre ones and i was fucked was great :)

  10. I just know I'm gonna be doin' the same as you when we get a digital camera!!! lol And no fair posting pic's like that without tellin' us their names!!! :smoke:
  11. I guess i DID forget their names! oops, that gravity bong really fucked me up!
    My dogs name is Ellie, a mix of a Welsh Corgie (sp?) and a cocker spaniel. The fish dont have names, because they dont really do much but swim around, eat, and poop. Maybe next time im baked I'll think of some cool names for them.

    You guys should all post pics of your pets too!

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