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gravity bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by notes32, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. does anybody on the site ever smoke out of a gravity bong?? This is the main thing i smoke out of and i do think it gets you the most fucked up. the way i do it is have a vase/water jug/big ass cup. and fill it with water up to the tippy top. then you get a average 1 liter plastic soda bottle and drill holes (can also use your lighter to burn holes) in the bottom. the most importent part is the cap of the soda bottle which you remove and drill a hole straight through the middle of it and find a socket (like the mechanics use to tighten bolts and shit/all different shapes and sizes but preferably small so your killa doesnt pull trough. after your done making your cap you screw it back on your 1 liter bottle and place it in you vase/water jug/big ass cup. take your bottle and let it sink to the bottom until the water is up by the cap you made. Take your cap with the socket in the middle and place your buds in the wide end of the socket so it is lighter accessable. then with your bottle submerged in water (except the cap with the buds) take your trusty lighter (preferably bic) and put it to the weed in the cap and pull up. This causes the water to be let out the holes you burned/drilled in the bottom, causing a gravitational pull starting at the cap of firey buds. All the smoke shoud go into the bottle and dont let any smoke out by letting the holes remain covered up with water (also makes the smoke less harsh). Then take off your cap and suck the smoke out (no homo).

    i think this might be the greatest way to smoke weed with shitty conditions(no glass or dutch) and it only takes about 4 filled caps to get you fucked up. :smoke:

    I hope this made sense cause im pretty blazed
  2. #2 Bushaaay, Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 20, 2008
    glass gravity bongs are much better than any home-made my buddy has a 2 foot glass GB with a regular and party bowl. its the shit, and i very much agree that gravitis are bomb ha
    P.S. a true gravity bong has a pipe running down into the water so that it gets filtered... thus gravity "bong"
  3. Love it! my favorite thing to smoke out of.

    GB'S FTW!
  4. nooooooooooo sobe waterfalls:smoke::smoke::smoke:

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