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Gravity Bong Bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Clicht, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Currently using aluminum foil, and after reading all of the posts about how bad it is for you I'm wondering what else I can use for a bowl out of something from household objects.
  2. A socket for a socket wrench.
  3. Eh, any size specifically? and wouldnt the bud just fall through the socket?
  4. When i make gravity bongs i use tin foil. Unless ur smoking like an ounce a day out of the tin foil bowl ull be fine.

  5. Look for a screen in a sink faucet.
  6. If you have a thimble that will fit. I know, thimble wtf. But it works pretty perfectly, depending on how big of a bottle you have.
  7. its a socket fitting so a nug wont fall through :smoke:
  8. You'll be sweet. I use a socket for my conepiece in my bongs, it's lovely :smoke:
  9. socket never fails. For the amount of weed you put in u get really high. Its awesome
  10. i use my bong slide
  11. I use my old trumpet mouthpiece. Haha. Works great.
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  12. I just made a great one using a large, heavy, hardware nut and a piece of extra screen from my screen door. Actually, it doesn't have to be heavy; the weight keeps it on pretty well, but you can hold it on easily at the junction.

    To make the bowl, just:
    - cut a rectangular piece of screening 1x2 (the more screen you have, the more weed you have to burn, but keep it simple; my screen was 1'' by 2'')
    - lay screen over nut symmetrically (so the middle of the screen and middle of the hole in the nut align)
    - push the screen into the nut (this will be where the weed sits), making sure you still have all four corners still sticking out of the nut (in other words: don't push it through; make it more of an indent)
    THAT'S IT!!! You're done; enjoy. 8)
  13. A socket, Top to a salt or pepper shaker.

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