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  1. What should I use as a bowl for a gravity bong? I tried making one out of the cap by poking a hole in it and making one with aluminum foil, but that didn't work out too well.
  2. Use a socket I use a 3/8 socket if you can't acquire one make a hole in a cap the size of a Morley or other cylinder object than use the tin foil by cutting out a small sheet wrap part of it around the marker or ect and than insert the object into the hole with the tin foil still around it now pull the marker out and the tin foil should be in the cap bend the access tinfoil down on the cap and poke a few holes in the botem than tada lol ok? Rep meeee
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  3. Dude, trumpet mouth piece. I have a cheapo trumpet mouth piece from my trumpet, and I use it as a slide for bongs, chillum/pipe, waterfall bong piece, gravity bong piece, and so much more.
  4. I have an old french horn mouthpiece I could use :D
  5. I promise epic results my friend
  6. Could you imagine packing a big ass tuba mouth piece? Woah!
  7. i've always used one of those bowls from a keychain pipe (sometimes referred to as a "bolty"). if you stick a knife in the cap and twist a few times (not too deep), the bowl will snap right into place, air tight.

    loved my gravity bong, smoked every day several times for about 10 years.

    perfect set up is this bowl (which is a single hit, of course), two liter bottle and a pitcher.
  8. That reminds me. I wanted to buy a mushroom keychain pipe. Lol
  9. Use one of the socket things!!!!!!! Tin foil does work too for emergencies but its bad for u:(
  10. ...i'm telling you:

    get one of the keychain bowls. you won't be dissapointed. it will last for yeeeeeeeears. a one hitter on a gravity is the only way to go. if you've smoked a gravity, you know why.

    two hitter quitter, definitely!

    this is also the easiest method and the cheapest, by far.
  11. The other night(at 4:20 in the morning lol) we made a grav with a chillum, its worked perfectly!

  12. That would be crazy lol
  13. That's some kind of fixture that I got from my garage. My dad is a plumber and he has all types of stuff like that, I asked him if he needed it and didn't so punctured the cap and put that in there. Works like a charm. Go to your local ACE or Home Depot and get one like that. Less than 1$.
  14. I just use a glass slide From my bong. Cut a circular hole and shove it in there
  15. Not necessarily cheapest. I have a small ice pinch bowl from my bong I use that holds like .15 and it was $5
  16. I've bought many of these keychain pipes for $2.97 at a local headshop.

    So, technically cheaper.

    To split hairs, one of these other pipe fittings like the guy above ^ was talking about was essentially free.

    It's been my experience, though that the best way to execute a successful gravity bong hit is to use a one hitter and cache it out completely. This prevents wastefulness, which we all undoubtedly care a great deal about. (also, I personally like to hold in the hit until there's no smoke, which complements the one hitter well.)
  17. I use a metal socket !
  18. I'll give you that, but in the end you'll always be able to find something cheaper, it all comes down to personal preference. And yeah I use the small bowl I do because in my opinion it's a nice size for a one hitter gravity bong.

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