Grav Labs Bubblers, How Are They?

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  1. I am about to get the Grav Labs Big Bubbler. How are they is it worth it? It's $60 White Label.

    Thanks Guys, Happy Chiefing!!!
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    bubblers are sometimes called "mini bongs" since it does use water to filter/diffuse. bubblers are a bitch to clean compared to bongs. i guess it's major pro over bongs is its smaller and easier to conceal/travel. but having to add and dump water when using it mobile is going to be a bitch. and after long term use the resin smell will build, which will ultimately make it's discreet mobility void. the common answer you'll find to your question i believe will be to just get a bong, and if you'd like get a spoon or steamroller pipe.

    that said i think grav labs is great value overall. and a big bubbler with my logic would be even more of a reason to bong > bubbler
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    I this one from the GCstore
    Grav Labs - The Phoenix Ash Catcher - 45 Degree Joint - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -
    And I love it! It even can be turned into a bubbler with the proper sized j-hook
    The second chamber is amazing since the cap comes off and you can put ice, diffuser beads, or even very small frozen marbles.
    The quality is amazing, it's big, and holds a great amount of water
    It's a little more than the one you are looking at, but totally worth it

    Edit, posting high is a bad idea a times, I posted about an ash catcher in a bubbler thread....

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