grasshopper problem. help.

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  1. Hey, guys. Somehow a bunch of baby grasshoppers got into my closet and they keep munching on my plants... nothing too bad yet, but there's some small holes on a few of them, and I want to stop the problem before it gets serious. Do you guys have anything for me to try to get rid of the grasshoppers? help me out.
  2. These are for caterpillars but try it. It might work

    Hand picking: Easit way to controll them is to pick them up and knock them into a bucket of soapy. If you are scared about handling caterpillars, you can use some gloves or have someone else pick them up for you.

    BTK in dust form can be used to kill caterpillars. BTK can also be used to foliar spray your plants. One tablespoon of neem oil added to your BT mix helps stick the mix to the plants better when you are foliar spraying.. BTK is available in liquid form. Apply BTK on all of the leaves both top and underside If you decided using the dust kind,spray your plants down with water before you apply the dust Apply every week to 2 weeks and or after it rains. The caterpillars must eat the BT as they are feeding on foliage in order for the caterpillars to be rid of.

    Organic ways:
    Insecticidal soaps, neem, oil, and spinosad are the safest insecticides that can be used to control.. Soaps and neem are non-toxic and are great to use when you have a lot of pets and want to be friendly to nature and its animals. Spinosad works very very good in controlling the caterpillar population and is non toxic to wild-life, pets, and humans. It hardly has any impact at all on the plants.

    Hot Pepper Wax, Safer Yard & Garden Insecticide (which can be used right to the day of harvest), Doc's Neem Pest Soap, Safer Sticky Stakes

    Maybe someone else who has dealt with grasshoppers has some other remedies.
  3. by the way, I'm trying something on my own right now. I read that grasshoppers dislike strong spicey smells... so, I mixed a whole bunch of crushed red pepper and chilli powder into a water mixture and watered the plants with that, and I'm leaving an open container of it in the room to keep the odor in the air. I used chilli powder because it contains garlic and some other ingredients that were recommended that I couldn't find in my cupboard at the time. I'm also killing them by hand each chance I get. I'm hoping this works, but I'd still appreciate any advice anyone else can give, because I want these little assholes gone before they're big enough to start doing major damage. :p

    EDIT: thanks smokin. I typed this before I saw your reply. I'm reading it now.
  4. alright, read your post over now. I'll see if I can find some soaps to use if my homemade mix doesn't work. I really have no idea how they got in there. I am guessing that the soil I bought was untreated and that there were a bunch of eggs in it and they just started hatching within the last week and then suddenly appeared when I had my plants falling problem when the soil got all tossed around. if anybody else has dealt with specifically grasshoppers, let me know what you did. thanks, guys.
  5. First your plants mysteriously fell over and now they are being attacked by grasshoppers? Didn't this happen to Pharaoh when a guy named Moses dropped by?

    Not at all sure about pouring red pepper and chili powder juice all over your plants. Could be great for them for all I know, or actually I think that was the third plague against the Egyptian MJ growers. Considering all that your babies have been through the last couple of days I would not introduce anything else new.

    If you can't pick off the grasshoppers then you can spray the plants with safer soap, that will get them, and it's washable right off the plants.
  6. lol the plants didn't fall over mysteriously. that was explained in the other thread. that was due to human error. and the mixture I made with the pepper and chilli powder was very diluted to avoid hurting the plants, although I don't think it will harm them... and I was just watering the tops of them lightly with it, not watering the soil. kinda like misting but without the spray bottle. I've put 3 cups of that spicey liquid sitting in the grow area spread around the closet, and the fan + evaporation should have the odor spreading all over them. it seems to be working so far. :)
  7. Are you sure? The Lord works in mysterious ways...
  8. :p haha, this is true. maybe god doesn't want me to enjoy some nice homegrown bud, but i'll show him. :mad::) by the way, all the plants recovered from the falling accident just fine. even the one that got tossed out of its pot is perking back up now. the tiny holes in a few of them due to these grasshoppers won't make much of a difference to their health as long as I get rid of the grasshoppers now. I definitely don't want them to continue munchin' ;)

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