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  1. I need an organic solution to eliminate grasshopper grasshoppers. I got around 22 plants so the cheaper the better thanks.

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    a lot of people on here will tell you to use neem oil but I herd that stuff soaks into the leaves.
    I made an organic pesticide with some peppers,water and a TBS of dish soap and cooking oil.
  3. Hell yeah thanks man that's what I wanted something natural.

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  4. I don't really think there os anything you can do as far as organics or poison that helps very much. I have tryed them all. On mine some of them eat some and don't touch others. If you use poison they still eat till they are full then when they die 2 take their place. They are bad here already and can only get worse. I have done the only thing I know to do to stop them. I purchased screen and have screened up all of mine for the time being its working great and also shades sensitive plants to some extent.
  5. Call me stupid, but what are grasshopper grasshoppers?
  6. Dish soap is not natural.
  7. Its nature the original or does nature bestow us with wisdom which makes things like cooking w fire natural? Fukukoa

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  8. I won't call you stupid I will call you the luckiest SOB I've ever seen if you live somewhere that you don't even know what a grasshopper is. Google them and you will see why they are such a pain. There is never a couple always a couple thousand. One will eat a whole leaf on its own. Vicious little boogers.
  9. Miracle 2 is all natural...

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  10. I know what a grasshopper is. I don't know what grasshopper grasshoppers are.
  11. Get off the thread dick.

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  12. Been using this for 2 months. Keeps away bugs and deer, even my dog hates the smell.

    Organic Insect Repellant

    •1 clove minced garlic
    •1/4 tsp crushed red pepper
    •1/4 tsp ground clove

    Spray in the morning all over plant
  13. Will this stop grasshoppers thou? Grasshoppers make other pesticide seem like nothing Lol. I will try it I'm willing to try anything.
  14. It should, where I live grasshoppers are a problem too. I've never seen one on or near my plants, but while on the walk to them those bastards are flying all around. So I'm convinced it does work on grasshoppers. You have to use this stuff everyday tho for it to work, anytime I hadn't had time to go and spray I've found bugs on my leaves.
  15. Oh and just an FYI this stuff makes your plants stink pretty bad, it way overpowers the dank smell
  16. Garlic and neem should work. I planted some garlic around my plants.
  17. nettle and garlic spray
    I've heard of people using dish soap & water for a replacement for neem. Any experience with this? No peppers but if they are necessary i'll go buy some. Main thing is that it won't harm the plants.

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