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  1. do you produce your own beats?
  2. I actually kinda dig Pimping...

    The picture you have makes you look like a dumbass though.
  3. na sometimes i rap over other peoples or find producers send me beats

    and hahaha yea i feel u man i got take some good pictures its just shit i had on my comp u know.. but imma be releaseing videos real soon

    show u guys that chicago shit
  4. on soundclick were im from
    and stain tactics like the newer one but stain tactics wasnt done at the time why it souds all over the place i got it done but have yet to release it till i shoot the video

    u guys shud check out high smokign songgg
  5. o i forgot for the stoners!!!

    [ame=]lil capone- 50 bars and still blasted - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Yeah dawg. You gonna make it big.
  7. thanks man^^ hopefully!
  8. Comin From a chi rapper that works wit major labels..... U got alot of work to do. Aint even hatin just givin u advice. U have so much work 2 do before a label is givin u a deal. They are just handin out deals but its all about bein at the that exposure level. U gotta work on yo flow & rhyme structure. And sound quality
  9. Work on them hooks an try to speak your words more clear
  10. Ok so I rap and ima try not and be a asshole but I'm from the Chi and tbh you make my city look real fucking bad. you need to quit with that goofy shit and do you and make real music instead of tryna hop on this swag bandwagon bullshit

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