Grasscity Shop Review : Black Leaf Blue Dragon : MANY PICS & VIDEOS

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    Hey all,,,
    its about time i post these pictures up for everyone.
    I have the Black Leaf Blue Dragon Bong
    available here:
    Glass Bong "Blue Dragon" - Dutch -
    the price fluctuates between $19 and $24
    I managed to pick this up for 20% off final price being $30 shipped.
    Arrived in quite a timely fashion,,and if i remember correctly it was within a 2 week period.
    The bowl it came with is a HUGE bowl. probably fits 1 gram, idk never filled it all the way.
    Thank you GrassCity!

    Heres my review that i posted on the main site:
    This is a super slim, very durable tube.
    The rubber bottom is labeled with a "Black Leaf" lettering.
    This is such a great tube. for $30 shipped, Its smokes really clean.
    Carb hole is sized large enough for a quick tube clear.
    14.4 mm GonG.
    14.4 mm Downstem.
    14.4 mm Slide (1Gram+) Huge!
    Packaged with Bubble Cushioning. Not peanuts =)
    This is a tube I will keep for sometime.

    This tube also doubles as a steamroller once the rubber bottom is removed.
    There is a picture of this a bit further down.

    Doubles as Steamroller as shown =)





    [ame=""]YouTube- Black Leaf / Morgan[/ame]

    So I made videos altering the amount of water and stones.
    I also changed it up in the last video,, by using my 14.4 Morgan ice pinch.
    This shows the airflow.

    [ame=""]YouTube- MVI_0857.avi[/ame]
    Whole Milk !!!! =)
    [ame=""]YouTube- Dragon Milk.AVI[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube- MVI_0858.avi[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube- MVI_0860.avi[/ame]
    Playin around with different water levels too by the way,,,,
    [ame=""]YouTube- MVI_0861.avi[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube- MVI_0862.avi[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube- MVI_0863.avi[/ame]

    And finally, i used my Morgan ice pinched slide to show the airflow.
    [ame=""]YouTube- MVI_0867.avi[/ame]

    I took 3 consecutive rips

    A double shot of milk from my black leaf blue dragon bong. Cooled down with my g-spot diffused molino ashcatcher:
    [ame=""]YouTube- Black Leaf Bong Double Shot w/ Molino Ashcatcher[/ame]
    I use a grommet type slider on my broken g-spot diffy which is used in the molino ashcatcher. Diffuser stones in a non-diffused downstem straight tube: Water is so agitated it starts to foam.
    [ame=""]YouTube- Molino Diffused Ashcatcher on a Blackleaf 14.4[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube- Diffuser Stones in a Straight Tube w/ Molino Ashcatcher Diffused by G-Spot[/ame]
    All in all, for what its worth,, its a great starter tube =)
    Hoping to one day have a red label hops on it =)
    Thanks again GrassCity!
  2. i might have to order one of those... Great review

  3. Understatement.

    Amazing review man.

    Here have some worthless rep:)
  4. Great review +rep

    looks like a pretty nice bong for the price :hello:
  5. Not bad for 30 bucks, i like the bong/steamroller idea. :smoking:
  6. Oh maannn!! Amazing review baby! This bong is incredible =] See ya tonight love <3
  7. Very nice!
  8. heh,, thank you =)
  9. Ive had 2 of the black leaf blue dragons and they bust SUUUUUUPER easy so be safe cause i was picking mine up one day and it just snaped and cut my finger's open and the second one the part at the base where the slide sits just cracked open when i was useing crushed ice soo dont use ice bro. It hits sweet though
  10. Great review dude.. I ordered mine yesterday.. Can't wait to get it.
  11. sweet!
    and yeah, i havent had any trouble with cracking or scratching yet even tho the stones are also made of glass, so it is definately a great deal! when you get it, throw up some milk vids =)
  12. is there something im missing? why is it only $23??
  13. its probably because its mass produced.
  14. Awesome review. +rep. Nice bong, It looks amazing except its so big, its hard to hide something like that. I gotta stick with something like under 14 inches. Great review though, looks killer.
  15. That's a lot of glass for $23. They should really make it without a carb though. Good review. :)
  16. did it come with that cork for the carb?
  17. no, i had the cork laying around from other projects.
    check out my JuciyJars link in my sigg.
    i like the fact that it has the carb too... it clears instantly!
    heres the vid that demonstrates:
    if anything, just put a piece of scotch tape over it.
    [ame=]YouTube - Black Leaf / Morgan[/ame]
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  19. nice tube !
    have you seen the straight double dome available anywhere?

    tho on a side note. other people would get mad that u hijacked.

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