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  1. so i ordered a bong and pipe on the 4th here and i still haven't got my stuff yet. Im not sure if i screwed up the order or if its just not here yet but when i checked on it says this. did i do something wrong?
    The payment is paid but not yet closed. Invoice #400006245 created
  2. Headshops ftw. Dont have to deal with garbage like this. Best of luck to you.
  3. I would say send support a message, they can check the status of your package. They said to wait a maximum of 2 weeks for it to arrive.

    I made an order on there and received it within a week (i live in ohio).
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    I beleve alot of the pipes sold In the GC shop come from over seas, so you may have to wait longer for one pipe than you will for another. Also they sell them on the internet even when they do not have them in stock, so sometimes you have to wait till they get more before they can even ship yours. I bought a pipe from here a few years ago and it took about 3 months before it got here. I bought another one a few months later and it got here in under a week.:confused:

    The pipe will come but you may have to wait a bit.:smoking:

    Oh, and just out of curiosity, which one did you order?
  5. From another thread I just posted in:

  6. haha it came in last night at was worth the wait :hello:
  7. Haha you got so baked last night. That was funny as hell

  8. That's awesome! Thanks for posting and letting us know. :D

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