grasscity runescape chill out !

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by RubberUndies, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. now being older and working full time with my priorities straight and now having excess free time i have picked runescape back up for fun.

    I am p2p level 123 and will play with any one any level !! Got a half ounce of dank and 8 hours of free time after work in 2 hours.....

    Add me - sumodomo and post your username here if you want to play !! Gonna have a mic to!!!

    Haters gonna hate :p
  2. I'm in. Got a 1/4 and ready to go.
  3. ill add. i have hash XD i quit playing when i lost 75m ...i know its not alot but it tooks time out of my life to get it lol so i just quit but i recently start playing and subscribed for members so ill add u guys
  4. Im online whats your usernames
  5. godblessyou7 im chaning it soon that was my old name
  6. L Scar L

    add me, my P2P hybrid pure im working on atm. Sadly, im running low on herb haha.

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