GrassCity Only - The Vaults Bodhi Seeds Competition

Discussion in 'Grasscity Contests' started by George - The Vault, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. What's the required distance for a Marshydro2 700w from the canopy vegging stage and flowering
  2. I need me a get my a nice piece of that Bodhi. It's been a long time since I've had any Bodhi. About 2 years. I really hope you will consider giving me some of your Bodhi. lol   yea  I would love some seeds from Bodhi its true it been about 2 years Gogi Og and they all were all males I only bought 3 from herbies pick n mix. So all you Hotties with some good Bodhi. Can I have some. Love you guys and THE VAULT GREAT SEED COMPANIES and they might have a contest to win the whole site one day that how nice they are. One  Love  mainly The vault and bodhi.
  3. Crazy... The leaves don't even look like cannabis!
  4. I know!!! XD
    You should check out Australian Bastard Cannabis!
    Jack/george, get some of this stuff please! Ill buy some!
  5. I want some darn Frisian anything!!!
  6. Wow it don't look like cannabis at all!
  7. I'll buy some tooo!!!!! Holy fudge I could get away w that lol My wife wouldn't even knw
  8. is this dew to the frisian? Or the duck? Does all frisian look this different? I need somthing like this to fool ppl... I could grow this rite along my tomaters lol
  9. Just because the leaves in veg look different doesn't mean the giant colas will. They are still going to look and stank like bomb cannabis when they flower!

    I just train mine low and plant a bunch of veggies around it. I should get my FD for our grow off tomorrow. I think a few others poped thers already
  10. Where can u buy these seeds, I'd love to look at these further
  11. The vault is where we bought ours.
  12. Got my gift today safe and sound...thanks again to everyone at the vault you guys rock! would post a pic but dont see the option to upload anymore
  13. cant wait for pics...well done guys😀
  14. Pics are on my advance adventure thread thread :)
  15. Send them to Canada !!
  16. bit late....
  17. Awesome giveaway thanks for the chance !
  18. Fuck off
  19. damn d00d I got excited and thought there was another Bodhi giveaway when I seen this thread pop back up.

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