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    Are you ready for our latest GrassCity members-only Bodhi Seeds competition?
    At The Vault, we love to give back to all of our buddies on a frequent basis: So, despite the fact that our previous promo has only just recently closed, we're going to follow up straight away with a chaser hit of brand-new competition goodness!
    Partnering up with our buds at Bodhi Seeds and brought to you in association with GrassCity, The Vault has secured a treasure-trove of amazing prizes for four lucky winners: So limber up, look busy and get ready to move your Bodhi to the beat of this awesome GrassCity members-only competition!
    About Bodhi Seeds
    Regarded by many as one of the top breeders on the planet, Bodhi Seeds is a knowledgeable, respected, family-owned firm that experienced collectors ‘in the know' come to time and time again.  Consider the amazingly unique, diverse array of top-quality strains present in Bodhi Seeds' genetic library and it becomes clear why they are held in such high regard. 
    The prize vouchers that we have up for grabs will make four lucky winners feel very blessed indeed, as they can be exchanged for some of Bodhi Seeds' most iconic strains: Read on for more info and make sure to enter this spectacular competition before it is too late!
    How to enter:
    Simply comment on this post and your in!
    This competition will run from 11th of March to the 24th of March with the winners choosen at random and announced here on the 25th of March.  The winners will also be contacted by PM on GrassCity to arrange delivery of your vouchers.
    After you've placed your entry, be sure to tell all of your best mates about this great opportunity, so that they can also be in with a chance of winning big!
    About the prizes:
    The four seed strains that our voucher prizes can be exchanged for are some truly impressive specimens – read more about the 4 prizes at The Vault Blog
    1st Prize - Vouchers for 11 x Dream Beaver Regular Seeds
    2nd Prize - Vouchers for 11 x The Fuzz Regular Seeds
    3rd Prize - Vouchers for 11 x Mother's Milk Regular Seeds
    4th Prize - Vouchers for 11 x Love Triangle Regular Seeds
    And (as usual) we will also include a Vault T Shirt for each winner!
    Legal Disclaimer
    The competition winners will have their prizes sent via recorded delivery.  If you win the competition but don't receive your prize, we cannot resend competition seeds or seed vouchers.  Instead, you'd need to raise this with your local delivery service (In the UK, for example, this would be Royal Mail).
    It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries.  It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws.  The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds and seed vouchers for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.

  2. BOOYA!!!! Bodhi giveaway dayum!
    Cheers George!
  3. Hell yea bodhi seeds would be awesome to have in any collection count me in
  4. Urby, you must've been dreaming about this for months!
    I need me some Bodhi!
  5. Go Bodhi seeds! :)
    And big thank you to the Vault.
    I have haha.  I haven't been entering most of the giveaways as of late. Many of them I would never touch the seeds so figured I better just stay out and leave em for someone who will actually want/use them. :smoking:
  7. Oh yeah; for people who don't have the resorces/finances to buy many beans
  8. WHOOP!

    I'll be so ecstatic if I'm chosen!

    Good luck to all! :metal:
  9. Bodhi Comp! Count me in, awesome :)

  10. Count me in

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  11. Im in!
    Thanks Vault for a GC comp! You guys arnt so bad ;-)
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    Damn don't fuck about Bodhi comp yes please!
  13. Count me in
  14. Hell yes I'm ready these are awesome beans anybody should be Thrilled to have any of these . I'm definitely in , best of luck to all involved
  15. Well Jack, looks like I'm in for this Vault contest for some Bodhi.
    Thank you buddy and stay blazing and keep amazing!!!
  16. Oops!!! You too George!!! Thank you as well!!
    poor me doing all the hard work today, bringing you this fantastic comp and you thank.....Jack lol
    All good goooooooo Team Vault :)
  18. Bodhi ive heard so much about them,im in.the vault still second too none!!!!

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