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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by crewslut, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. You ever been just kickin it and all of a sudden a chance to get stoned or score some bud just gets spawned into your life? yee i think we all have

    post that shit

    i got a few

    the other day i woke up after partyin at a friends house n walk out onto the deck and see this dude. Yeeee.. this dude was all like dancin around n singin to himself and havin himself a great ol' time.. was a total hippy forsure.. if the clothes he was wearin wasnt a giveaway.. it was the fact he was watering his pot plants. had about 30 of em sittin in atleast 100 gallon drums. gettin pretty big. n i was like ' yo man watup!' and had a conversation with him for 30 mins mostly about hawaii were ive lived the last 2 years. he tells me to come by n i come by the front n he smokes me out with a few other people and gives me a free half ounce. shit was dope. said if i ever needed some just swing by. lives pretty close too

    and some other cool shit

    i used to have a friend/dealer do deliverys to my house when i was in highschool. id either meet up wit his ass down the road or he'd drop it in my mailbox hehe.. id leave money in the box n he'd leave bud.. most of the time it was just me textin him like hey could you hook it up with some nugs? im dry n he'd drop by a free eighth or whateva.

    n this one time i was walkin down a road in hawaii n i walk past the police dept n i see a fat circle of like 20 sittin behind it on the grass smokin so i go by. and.... yee they were all gettin stoned so i joined in and that shit was dope. toked 2 hours straight listened to some cool stories then bounced. shits real over there.

    then this one time on a nude beach kehena we were all just kickin it.. y'know im watchin the waves n shit lookin at all the nice pairs of titties bounce around and the live drum circle going on.. n.. all of a sudden

    a fuckin trashbag is thrown from the cliff behind us down onto the sand. landed next to me. no one touched it for a few mins thinkin shit like ' this the day kehena gonna get bombed?? is that a body' haha and im all shroomin n shit and i think of that bag as some gift from the gods and I have to open it.. so i go n open dat shit up n..

    its like 3 lbs of buds haha. all dried up, some still on branches n a note sayin 'share it!'
    so y'know we all naked gettin stoned up on dat beach. got these 2 house so ripped they were all horny n shit all up on my nutz.. next thing i know im havin a threesome on the beach in front of everyone.. shit be nice and all,

    but sex on a beach is overated, fuck that shit. sand everywere and when it gets in the poonani shits no good no mo'

    cali reppin'
  2. I used to move bud from miami to cuba via carrier pigeons
  3. Haha for real???

  4. For real?

  5. So thats why that random bag of weed, with pigeon shit on it hit me in the face the other day.
  6. not in highschool anymore but i have had the same dudeman for five years! freshman year-tonight all i have to do is tell him what i want (anyfuckingthingimaginable) and when, leave the appropriate amount of cash and come back in ten minutes and its there scaled out ready to go! sometimes there even a swisher or 2 pretty fucking legit man:cool:
  7. Lol this guy got banned real quick. Does this increase his pimp score?
  8. Can't trust those carrier pidgeons they'll rob your ass.

  9. "...

    That mouse got dropped..."

    At least he made me laugh in another thread before he got the ban hammer.
  10. I think 'banned' is just his user title isnt it? Says he is online....Against the rules btw
  11. Three posts and Poof!
  12. I guess he didn't read the rules.
  13. The fact he finished with "Cali reppin" pretty much made me hate him instantly.
  14. god damnit dude......
  15. :hello:My dealer is an old co worker, she worked at hooters and always has good dank
  16. [quote name='"PaulKemp420"']I think 'banned' is just his user title isnt it? Says he is online....Against the rules btw[/quote]

    Forrealll? That sucks.. :rolleyes:, I was actually thinkin of doin that.
  17. [quote name='"l James l"']


    That mouse got dropped..."

    At least he made me laugh in another thread before he got the ban hammer.[/quote]

    How is that against the rules... like just because he used 'dropped' and 'mouse' in the same sentence?

  18. This dude's not even a troll, I personally know him and he lived in Hawaii for a good minute but shit got crazy and he moved back to cali. He's not even joking about these stories and that's my word lol. Pretty cool dude.
  19. His posts made me laugh because they were so stupid so I threw him a bone.

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