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Discussion in 'General' started by BAKED, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. All right guys heres another thread of the henious bolier room style.

    My dad just bought a condo a block from the beach. As I was walking down the back stairway, I noticed there was another flight of stairs above mine, which would make it the 6th floor of a 5 floor building. I climb said stairs and realize that there is a door with one word on it. ROOF.

    This door is of course locked. I can see sunlight through the bottom crack of the door. I assume that behind this door is the area on top of the roof where they put air conditioning units and other things of that nature, making it one hell of a chill smoke spot if I could get it open. Being 6 stories up on the roof, ocean in front of me, all sorts of neon signs and roads behind me, it would be a dream come true.

    The problem is the lock. I have tryed opening it with a credit card. Nothing. Today I tryed a pocket knife. Still nothing. I even tryed making a bump key, but without a proper file, I had to use a butter knife. Ghetto I know. It turned out kinda rough and didnt work. So I need some ideas from you guys to get this thing open.

    Let me describe the lock. It is a door with a handle only, no deadbolt. Heres a rough scketch.
    == ||

    with the 0 being where you would insert a key.

    I look inside of it and see the part where it holds it to the frame (dont know the term and have never picked locks before) but its the small metal piece.

    So please, any ideas on how to open this door are welcome.

    ps: If i have to I might drill the lock out or break the handle, as no one goes up there to ever notice this.

    Pss: If it helps i only need to open the door one time, and then will just stick a rock in it to keep it from closing.

  2. Probally the best idea. Drill out the lock. Or, Take off the handle, and replace it with a new,similar one. Might be the perfect spot to blaze bro.
  3. Kick it in.
  4. I thought of this, but it opens towards me. So no, bad idea.
  5. But just think, a cranial fracture will score you some serious painkillers bro! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Ahh... sorry, I couldn't resist.

  6. hmm. wear a polo shirt and a tool belt and act liek you're supposed to be there. Drill it out. lucky you!
  7. buy a lock pick, straight dont want to fuck up the door, because obviously someone has to use that door, and will take notice...

    the credit card way always breaks cards, i wouldnt do that, another idea...whats the frame like...if its a metal frame around the door you can almost always pop those off with leverage...if you got that off, you can normally work it too unlock easy with a little prying from there on...

    but you really want the least amount of damage, cause you want to be able to go up there again since it sounds like a chill place to burn..

    lock pick though man...look into one...
  8. get a crowbar and force it open.
  9. By drilling the lock you mean just get a hand held drill with a bit, putting it in the key hole and drilling? This would work for now, but when whoever goes up there to do whatever they do up there sees It im sure they will replace the lock, making that only a temporary fix and raising an alarm.

    I like the idea of popping the frame off or using the crowbar, but I have no idea where to get a crowbar and the frame seems pretty tough.
  10. find out where the key is and go on a mission to get it..any means necissary
  11. Ask the super if you could go up there from time to time?
    No need to make it a super spy mission if it doesn't have to be.
  12. Hardware store...
  13. hell even a superwalmart would have a crow bar
  14. c-4 explosives,,,!:cool:
  15. This is cool and all, but it carries none of the suspense that Heinous's thread did.

    Keep it up though! I expect pictures of the view!

  16. Umm... use a gun and shoot the lock.. come on, dont you wanna feel badass?
  17. Its obvious that you need to learn how to pick locks. You can buy beginner kits
  18. back this chick up to the door,,,, after 2 cans of beans....


  19. I agree with that completly, not as cool as Henious's thread, but then again I'm not sure I want people threatening to kill me if I don't open this door. Hopefully itll have a better outcome than Henious's.

    and yes pics of the view will be provided courtousy my crappy camera phone, unless of course I can get a better camera.
  20. Haha, I like this, :smoking:

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