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Grasscity Forum on College Wifi

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Baysick, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Sorry if this is already out there somewhere but next year i'll be going to the University of Arizona and living in a single dorm room, should I view grasscity forum on their wifi?
  2. I don't think Anyone can access the pages you have visited.
    Ei. I asked my isp to justify the fact that I "went over" my allowance of bandwidth and he said that they don't have access to see what others are viewing online.

    You should be good! :smoking:
  3. They probably won't care. If not use a proxy or something.

  4. good idea
  5. Yeah even if they could I doubt they'd give much of a fuck, whoever was looking at it. You'll be cool, man.
  6. They don't care.

    I did it my whole freshman year in the dorms. Also watched porn, just like every other guy in the building. I didn't go to U of AZ though

    Go for it dude :smoking:
  7. as long as you havent signed some document specifically prohibiting the use of certain (obviously legal, illegal is illegal no matter what) sites or sites discussing specific topics over their network... then they cant do jack shit about it lol

  8. Please, I visit Nuggetry and the like while sitting in class. They don't and wont care.

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