Grasscity? Fix your app

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  1. GRASSCITY let's me down  this is the second time since July, that the picture posting does not work!!!!! FIX IT PLEASE!
  2. Grasscity does not own the app. It is owned by forumrunner. It is a general problem with GC servers not just the app ALL GC members are having problems.
  3. Dude fall back, I personally get msgs from them for talking shit and name calling! (laughing at you) it's their app "GRASSCITY" so like I said, FIX THE PROBLEMS!
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    ... Just because its grass city doesnt mean it is..... Forum runner is the program that the forum is on. Many forums use forum runner as their mobile app. Just because "GRASSCITY" is on it does not mean they own forum runner.

    Look at it this way, you walk into a big store (this store has its own brand). You are looking for something specific and they don't have it in their brand. You can go up to a manager and complain all you want that they dont have product Y. But the store you go too just because its name is on the product, they don't manufacture it there at the store, a seperat plant does that. So bitching and complaining to the manager isn't gonna fix your problem when the problem is elsewhere. Understand kinda?

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