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Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Floors05, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Each and every month Grasscity will hold a Free $300 Poker freeroll tournament


    Receive a free coupon entry each month into the Freeroll
    Held the last Sunday of each month at 4:20 pm Eastern (9:20 pm UTC)

    Next Tournament:
    Sunday, February 22nd, 4:20 PM Eastern

  2. hey whats up floors its me gman how do i get my coupon on reefer 4 the grasscity freeroll:D

  3. hey gman email with your user name here at Grasscity and at Reefer Poker
  4. Congrats to all that made a few $$$ :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:

    next month we are having another one :smoking::smoking:
  5. Next Tournament:
    Sunday, March 29th, 4:20 PM Eastern

  6. Nice i gotta get in on this.. [​IMG]

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