Grasscity 'chill out zone' in a nutshell.

Discussion in 'General' started by Nukes1337, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Sports and Gaming:
    Tread carefully in this forum. Random flame wars can start at any moment and last for days on end. A huge percentage of people here have warped their perceptions into thinking they are actually part of the team they are rooting for. You will see things like "Yeah man, WE did awesome last night" or "man, I don't know why WE blew that lead". Talking badly about the team OP delusionally thinks he is apart of is a cardinal sin, a marking of death. You will most likely be called a fag, trolled, or blocked. Prepare to be blocked here a lot.

    " Man, he only had four defenders on him, even I could have made that catch."

    Real Life Stories: Should be called anything but real life stories. It's a proven fact that sixty to eighty percent of threads created here are pure, untouched, stinky bullshit. This is the trolls nesting grounds. You will hear tales of trading an ipod for pounds of weed or punching an officer and then hiding in a closet for hours. Don't expect OP to ever deliver, it just won't happen here.
    Sometimes blades can see through the obvious faggotry and deliver a slew of 'cool story bro' posts. This is the ultimate anti troll weapon. Use it wisely.

    "Hey guys! Just gave up my liver to save a pregnant two legged cat!"

    Planes, Trains and Forever alone:
    This sub forum waits anxiously every day for a new thread to be created but it never comes to fruition. You know a forum is dead weight when the newest thread was created two weeks ago.
    Seriously does anyone ever post here??

    " Cricket, Cricket"

    This is the bees knees of the chill out zone. Lots of legit people and awesome content. There is absolutely no structure here, as the forum is general. A great place to be while stoned.

    " Welcome to the best place on grasscity "

    Holy fuck. Do you see the picture used to describe this place? That pretty much sums it up. Don't expect to have an opinion when posting in this forum. Most of the inhabitants have no fucking idea what that word means. To them, the word opinion is just a bunch of scribbles and lines put together. They look at it and say "wtf is this shit?"

    "Well In my opinion I think that.... HEY SHUT THE FUCK UP, ITS MY OPINION THAT YOUR OPINION IS WRONG."

    Feedback, comments?
    Any other sections you'd like to be described?
  2. haha do more. it's all so true
  3. fucking brilliant!

    lets see now... the decline of pandoras box would be a good one.
  4. ^ Word. Pandora is just General with a cooler name
  5. This made me lol.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! :D

    Part two coming tomorrow.

    • The downfall of Pandoras box

    • Sex, love and relationships

    • Humor section
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    Music section.
  8. lol fuck that, I AM a part of my teams, son! :laughing: WE fucking rule!

    eh, there are worse things in the world to be irrationally invested in than sport :cool:
  9. Good show ole chap.

    Spirituality and Philosophy would be a good one for you to do. I don't ever really go in there, but I never go in Real Life Stories or Sports and they made me laugh.

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