Grasscity behind glass

Discussion in 'General' started by pipe-man, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. you know y dos gc have to b behind gl;ass

    why can jusy accept reality

    I high as the rat in my sig and he is so.......fuckin blazed you can just look at him and tell he's havn a damn good time

  2. uh.....what the fuck are you smoking? haha
  3. As in why are they physically behind a sheet of glass or they support the use of glass over say plastic or wood?

    Or am I missing something?

  4. reality is beimg over come in our twisted world behind glass

    i han't smoke in two week

    I got a bunch a sleepers and pain killesr

    dizzy can barely type
  5. GC appears to be "behind a pane of glass" so to speak, because they must pretend they are an organization used for legal purposes in the US, so they can keep making heaps of cash. I don't mean this in a bad way either. This is why we try to avoid gaggles of 12 year olds asking what a bong is, a prefessional appearance.
  6. HERBS is write

    today our hole lives are on the machine consuming our soul downloading our hearts

    and we need to break that glass
  7. That's right man, too many americans view the world through rose-colored glasses, stuck behind glass in a perpetual cycle of politeness and niceties. Return to nature, live without regret, don't look back, and TAKE THAT GODDAMN STICK OUT OF YOUR ASS :cool:
  8. lol that rat has a boner

  9. thats his tail leberachi

    :metal:HERBS is right just realise

    what is normal am I normal are you normal
    is herbs norl we in fluxuate our surrounding we can chang now show the reveall the :hello: TRUTH
  10. i want whatever he's smoking. And i want A LOT of it.
  11. I base my thought of the era of america and not through weed
    BUT weed does help in the movement revolutionizing redemption

    Open up your eyes to Corruption
  12. i know its the tail but it looks like he has a boner lol!
  13. its like 5th grade again haha
  14. Dude, if you break that glass, your monitor won't work anymore...
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  15. not the computre screen

    I'm talking about the glass that gaps ponds, rivers, meadows, tree tops,asia ,Europe, USA

    WE need to break THAT glass it is holding us back from being a better society

    It's not like 5th grade anymore IT's to big to be classified

    IT is a new begginning
  16. i was referring to all that boner talk earlier :D
  17. i feel like im watching a motivational speaker or something.

  18. haha.

    I dont get where this thread is going.
  19. BBBABAHHAHHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAhs gdjkg omg hahaha that was awesome. thank you. that made my morning :D:D:D
  20. Yeah, this dude is gonna talk us into killing an entire race or something. Or just all the execs of the company that does all those "my anti drug" commercials. Sieg Heil! Sieg Herb!

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