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Grass City Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SmknVTEC, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. So far in a search I have seen 2 or 3 bad comments about the Citys' Vaporizer. Does any one have it and think that it is good. I have the money to get it but wont if it is useless.
  2. my cousin has one almost exactly like it. he got it from a headshop tho, it works really well. i have a friend who has the bc vape and its really shitty. u have to suck so hard to get a tiny hit. go with the grasscity vape , not bc..if u have the money get the volcano
  3. I have a vape that i got at a local head shop. Had to try it it gives you a flavorless hit that isnt harsh on the lungs and the high is a bit different. ~ it now sits in a box somewhere I prefer the pipe of water bong. :)
  4. lol volcano costs like $700.

    you can make one like i did, costs about $10 for what it is and is really good.

    You Need:
    1 soldering iron
    1 peice of wood
    1 pickle jar
    1 peice of 2-3 feet tubing
    4 screws/nails/wood dowels
    1 nut

    just attach the pickle jar lid to the wood. drill a hole in the middle, and another out to the side. stick the soldering iron in the middle hole, tubing in the other. use the screws for legs or wooden dowels if you want. attach the nut on the soldering iron for a bowl. plug it in, wait about 5 min for it to warm up, youll see a white cloud of mist, let it get misty but if it gets smokey unplug it for a minute or 2. when it gets milky white, toke up.

    tastes like burnt ass hairs but 1-2 hits will get you beyond fukd up!

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