Grass City, more Emoji's please?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digger, Aug 1, 2019.

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    G'day Ruler's of Grass City. Im asking, can we please have more Emoji's to choose from? There are so so many on my Samsung Tablet that conveys my Emotions, is there anything you Fella's & Sheila's can to for us, or do you need approval from Samsung? Cheer's guy's, and i would put up a "Fingers Crossed Emoji's" but we dont have one to choose from:confused:...

    Sincerely Digga1:)...
  2. I can 2nd the motion that more/different emojis would be nice.
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  3. A time long before now...A fight was waged on the unholy battleground known as "Yesteryear." The fight waged for years, some might say decades even, so that yours truly, the very God that speaks to you now...

    ...Could have His Mighty Classic Shades.:coolalt:
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  4. You can use other emojis if you have a link to the gif or upload just like posting a pic mariomoonwalkplz (2).gif
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  5. I know some Emoji's are compatible on the tablet that work here, but i can't go through them all and remember the one's that work.

    Im not a IT dude, so can you link me a gif site so i can see pls?

    Ps, but this is more of having GS updating there Emoji's menu:)
  6. [​IMG]

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