Grass City Alcoholics - You Will Not Be Shunned Here

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  1. Gather 'round, Gather 'round!
    Participating in this thread is quite simple, what's your drink of choice [regularly], and what's your most entertaining memory in which that drink was involved: Good, Bad, and Boring are all welcome I suppose.

    Okay first let's clear any fog regarding the issue, if at any point in time there's a chaser in your hand, you're doing it wrong. So put it down, or make a new thread, straight shooters exclusively darling if there's a cigar involved too, more power to you captain!

    Me first:
    The Balvenie Single Barrel (Scotch) and the greatest memory would have to be a drunk accident in which I sprained my ankle from jumping onto my buddies hold 'em table one night and cutting my elbow only to get back up and win 1200 bucks on a hold em game and bought him a new table with some of the money. :cool:
  2. [ame=]Xzibit - I'm An Alcoholic ( HQ ) - YouTube[/ame]

    I'm not an alcoholic tho, just a stoner
  3. alcoholism is bad man
  4. I'm a Bluemoon and Dundee kind of guy. I've been buying different micro brews for over a year now.

    I don't remember my favorite drunk memory. Waffle House afterwards is always fun though.
  5. Your rules are a little to strict.. I use chaser. So..i guess I'm not a alchoholic lol
  6. There are way too many crack heads near my waffle house, I prefer to play it safe with Denny's.

    Micro Brews are amazing as well, I prefer to stick with the Goose Island or Flying Dog Brewery honestly, but I'll venture out once in a while, I just use to do the connoisseur thing too often, and I've found comfort in consistency as of lately.
  7. You're halfway there I guess?
  8. wisky and scotch in the morning folks.....wake and drank
  9. one time i was drinking and when I woke up I felt like shit. SMOKE WEED!!!
  10. Well, if you ever consider venturing out soon I recommend fat tire, shock top, sierra nevada, blue moon seasonal collection, newcastle brown ale, yuengling black and tan, and maybe some woodchuck for the winter.
  11. i have 1,000,000, stories of things i did either good or bad but for the most part they are all funny/amusing. I'll save us the time by saying....

    Well i was chilling with my boys and we ended up buying some ___________. (insert drink here) So we got back to my buddies place and i started chugging that shit!!! :hello: Next thing i know i wake up in my bed the next day feeling like shit, my body aches, got scratches and scrapes all over with NO memory of the previous night. Come to find out i made an ass out of myself, talked shit about everyone to their face, and got my ass kicked. SUCCESS

    basically how all my drinking stories end. Either that or i pissed myself and i couldn't walk or talk. I LOVE ALCOHOL!! :love::yay: fuck smoking weed :smoke: (sarcasm)
  12. Oh that's the tip of the iceberg for NBB
    Fat Tire
    Blue Paddle
    Their IPA's and Mothership Wit is also amazing.

    I've had all minus yuengling and woodchuck, but they're great suggestions nonetheless for others interested!
  13. Why make a thread to promote the "fun" of an addiction?

    Who are you helping?

    This thread is only hurting.
  14. I'm a straight single malt Whiskey man. I'll have none of that blended Scotch pantywaist dredge. I prefer my firewater from Kentucky and to that end I drink Wild Turkey.

    As for Beer I prefer a thick Canadian brew. I'll take a Molson over a Budweiser any day.
  15. i used to be an alcoholic, looking back, it was shit and expensive, i found weed and ended up a much better person :smoke:
  16. You are the second martyr I've personally encountered, why do you feel the need to be a tyrant in such a laid back community? Most people are capable of making personal decisions, and I can't think of the last time I met a person that said anything remotely close to:

    "I'm an alcoholic, and it all started on a forum."

    Take your negativity elsewhere, the only thing I'm promoting is discussion based on PRIORS, I don't recall encouraging anyone to pick up an alcoholic beverage. Have a good day!:)
  17. I'd take down a bourbon whenever necessary and while we're cheering to good ole Kentucky, why not give a round of applause for Woodford Reserve, single barrel bourbon can cause quite a stirr-up! :hello:
  18. Myself and 3 buddies killed a handle of whipped in a little over an hour, then 2 of the 3 and myself proceeded to drive to the bar. I bought the first round which was long islands, and proceeded to black out shortly after, God only knows how we got home last weekend lol
  19. Hennessey. Straight up. No bullshit. :D
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    drink of choice: night train express (

    one time i was super drunk, threw a party, held a front yard wrestling show (backyards a parking lot) and pulled my pants down around my ankles to piss on the side of a building. best night of my life.

    another time i mixed night train and gatoraide, and went to the beach with some friends. ended up making out with this girl with huuuuge knockers, and showed her my shrinky dink. this was at lake michigan, which is always ice cold.

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