Grapfruit grow need a lil help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by igotagun, Oct 6, 2010.

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    heres what i have to work with

    grow room is a closet 4'x2'x8'

    i have a 27 gallon strong box 29"x21" to use for DWC grow

    I will be picking up a 400 w hps air cooled light to replace my current 90w ufo led(wich i may use for veg)

    I have 1 feminized grapefruit wich im growing in soil to take some clone's from since the cat ate the rest

    Not my first grow just my first dwc grow

    Im looking for some ideas to get the maximum out of my current set up. I hear grapfruit dose well in sog grows not sur how many i can fit in my grow space. scrog is another method ive been thinking about just not sure if i have the best strain for that.

    Any tips or idea's to help me save some trial and error will be greatly apriciated

    And thank for your time

    Edit:Sorry for posting this in the wrong section i should of put it in Grow Room Design/Setup
  2. Hey blade

    Grapefruit is a pretty easy strain to work with. Ive grown mine from seed via She likes nutes, she loves bondage, and especially loves to be pinched (super cropping). I am on my first grow of this girl, just flipping to 12/12. I have topped multiple times, lots of ties, and bushed her out well. She would do well in SOG, but if you can set it up and have the time, I think this plant would do phenomenal in a ScrOG. my grow space is approx 2x4x6 and I wouldn't put more than 3-4 plants in the space as they are getting quite bushy, but I hear if you do a sog, you probably dont want to wait to long from after those clones root to flip the switch. I hear some do 12/12 straight from seed, Stretchy stretchy.

    Gl man. Good strain.
  3. definately subd for this one.

  4. Norcal has you covered man, you'd be wise to consider the SCROG :devious: :D
  5. Thank for the help now if i rember from my last grapefruit grow few years back it was pretty streching in flower stage so do you think it might be better to turn light at about 60% instead of the usal 80%

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