grapefruit clones in 75% soil and 25% coco 3 gallon cloth pots *not hydro*

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  1. Hey! So I'm really interested in documenting my grows on here for advice and just for learning purposes for both of us! So I have 5 clones (grapefruit) all in 3 gallon aura cloth pots with 75% underwater forest (foxfarm) and 25% of a Humboldt mix organic coco fibers. I also added alfalfa and Mexican guano. 
    They are in a Mylar tent with decent ventilation (ghetto outside fan needs improvement) I have a 400w mh for veg and a 400w hps for flower. Obviously right now is 18/6 with the mh. I've been watering them about 2 cups once a day. Any watering suggestions? With the pots and the soil mix its very permeable. I'll attach some pictures as well! Thanks guys! Enjoy! =] gf veg.jpg gf veg2.jpg gf veg 3.jpg gf veg tent.jpg gf veg tent2.jpg

  2. Looks nice. How old are the babies?
    Thank you! theyare going on 3 weeks tomorrow! they are growing up healthy and fast, just Trying to adjust my watering method to the high permeability of the pots and the soil. I could be overthinking it as well tho, any thoughts?
  4. stick your pinky finger in the soil. I normally check for dampness or warmth. If its damp leave it. Once you feel it get dry add water. The cycle you have seems to be working fine.
  5. grapefruit is some good bud
  6. you're supposed to water them to 10% runoff and then not water at all again until they're dry...a little each day isnt uniform and causes dry spots that roots will die in
    So water them until there is run off then wait till dry? I feel like they would be drowned at that point but I really don't know!
    it came from a local collective, should be about 8 weeks flower with a decent yield of tasty sativa buds.
    Although this is my first time working with this strain!
    Yeah I deffinatley wont be making to many drastic changes lol
    nah they cant drown as long as you have good drainage...soil will only hold the maximum water it can and the rest comes out...over watering is from watering too often not too much at one time (unless its like a seedling in a 5 gallon bucket with no perlite)
  11. So I'm thinking about putting these ladys into flower on the 11th! Which will make it one month exactly. What do you guys think?

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