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  1. so im puffin on this blunt.. and i was wondering. is it just me or do grape swishers chap anyones elses lips ?

    i personally prefer originals or strawberry but for some reason its only the grape ones that do it
  2. my lips always feel kinda numb after a blunt in a grape can't really go wrong witha swish though, unless its a

  3. lol my top draw smells of grape swishers :p
  4. i hate grape
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    I hate grape, too. Just about any fake grape thing I hate. But, I love grapes, and especially wine. XD

    I have never heard of your problem. I think chapped lips has more to do with your weather and the climate of where you live. My lips change whenever I travel or move. When I live somewhere dry they get tough and dry and chapped. I went to Texas one day with beautiful moist lips woke up the next day with cracks in my lips and they are all crispy dry. Right now my lips are perfect with no sign of chapping for 3 years since I moved across the island! Now that's nice weather!
  6. That's weird, I hate grapes, wine, and fake flavored grape stuff but really like grape swishers
  7. It's all about the SS when it comes to wraps. That or white owls. (SS means Strawberry Swisher)
  8. "I don't use Phillies, Imma Swisher mang" -jeezy

    Grape Swishers (to me) are just what a ordinary blunt should taste/smell like. Very first blunt was a grape swisher, never looked back since.

    Anyone tried the chocolate swishers yet?
  9. ive heard the chocolate taste bad :confused:
  10. haha i just smokd a couple of those the other day i thought they were pretty ok!
  11. Back when I smoked blunts I used to only swear by grape swishers.
    (i would strictly only smoke blunts.. like 4 a day)

    But the taste became really fake to me for some strange reason after a year... i couldn't tolerate it. So I switched to strawberry!

  12. I <3 my purple swishers.
  13. grape they were good the first day i smoked them then nahhh i like wine swishers better

  14. my girlfriends cock tastes like grape swishers...mahaaa
  15. I had a chocolate cigarillo once, it was good. Not sure if it was a swisher though
  16. Grape rillos since as far back as I remember...
  17. I prefer peach White Owls but if I smoke with my sister it is a grape Sweet, she'll only roll grape. :smoke:
  18. I think anything that is a fake grape flavor tastes like medicine. I don't like it. When I do roll blunts I always get peach swishers. Everybody around here always smokes the grape swishers and I don't get it.

    Well, white owl makes one called white grape. I love those sometimes.
  19. grape swisher is usually my first choice. But if i need to roll really fast or im going to be walking around all day I get grape white owls. (the ones in the 2 for $1 pouch)
  20. grape swishers are straight nasty maybe white grape white owls but if you gotta have a sweet then reg swishers for sure

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