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Grape Krush Harvest #2, Pheno #2 {Pics}

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jcj77d, Feb 22, 2009.

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    well heres my grape krush harvest #2, 2 plants 16oz wet, harvest #1 was 1 plant (2.5oz dry, pheno #1), this is the other pheno i had out of the 3 plants. buds still need a little trimming to be done after 3 days of drying, more leaf matter has been exposed & will be trimmed off. i didnt care to much for this pheno b/c of its real leafy buds, vs pheno #1, which had nice dence buds w/ little leaf matter & i should of cloned it, very beautiful plant & buds.
    edit: most of the crystals are inside the buds as u can tell in the pics, its silver looking in deep

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    Were the other 2 plants phenos' different?

    Also, what was this a hybrid between?
  3. that looks real good leafy or not. Glad to see a successful grow man.
  4. these are dj shorts grape krush plants, & i had 2 dif phenos out of 3 plants, pheno 1 was more indica dominant, w/ short fat leaves & dencer less leafy purple buds & finished in 8.5wks, vs this harvest, pheno 2 which was more sativa dominant w/ longer slim leaves & took 12wks to finish, w/ barley any purple.
    heres harvest pheno 1.
  5. will do after they fully dry & cure for @ least 2wks & i retrim them, i alread put them back in the drying box
  6. Congrats man! can't wait to see them all dried and cured!
  7. Nice man, I got some GK goin right now, I'm goin to bud them soon. Hope I don't get that 12 week pheno.

    Do you know the lineage of GK? I can't find it anywhere.
  8. i hope not either, u should look @ the link to the 1st harvest, pheno 1, which is very nice, & will post new pics of it dryed & cured. i still got about 12 or so seeds left, hope i dont get another 12wk pheno, if i get more like # 1, ill def be cloning, but the phenos didnt show till i flowered them around wk 2:confused:
  9. Lineage: Not Listed
    Family: Unknown or mixed family
    Origin: Not Listed
    Region: Not Listed
    Genotype: Not Listed
    Indoor Maturation: Not Listed
    Outdoor Maturation: Not Listed
    Sex Possibilities: Standard (M/F)
    Stature: Not Listed
    Yield: Not Listed
    Odor Level: Not Listed
    Odor Description: Not Listed
    Taste Level: Not Listed
    Taste Description: Not Listed
    Breeder's Description - 'Grape Krush'
    A very productive hybrid of high quality. This plant exhibits partial to full leaf deformities of the "crinkle" type but with good structure and heavy bud production of large calyxes, a high yield plant. The buds express a strong sharp/fruity odor with a distinct sweet/grape flavor brought out in the cure. A strong, long-lasting head/body mix is evident in the finished product. An exciting, but not "racy" head, and a mild narcotic body, very euphoric and desirable effects that most seasoned heads prefer.

  10. Very Good strain and tasteee 2nd harvest with dj shorts grape krush is a KEEPER on my Farm..Go easy on the Nutes and she takes the cold pretty good well better than my SB Cough (Med Growing in Caly)
  11. What's the total weight? Looks damn good!:smoking:

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