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Grandmother In Need Of Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sir fapsalot, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Ok we'll my grandmother has so many illnesses I can't count them a few for example are: arthritis,glaucoma , back pain, knee pain,etc. anyways she's pro marijuana legalization even though she doesn't want to smoke but its not that it's weed she doesn't want to take part in the act of smoking but she will eat it anyways I was thinking about making her and edible and telling her about it instead of just drugging her and all ad we have talked about it before just not her eating so what do you guys think ?
  2. I would talk to her about it and teach her about edibles(and canna caps) , tinctures, and vaporizers. See what she would prefer and go from there. Definitely don't just try to give it to her unsuspecting, an edible can be way too overwhelming for someone that isn't used to the high.
    Also I don't know much about it but I've heard you can make a lotion as well for pain relief without getting high
  3. Message Storm Crow (Granny) and ask your questions. She'll provide you with more than enough info. :smoke:
  4. You don't need anymore info. If she has any chronic pain marijuana can help. If she's cool with it just tell her and tell her it helps pain. Seems like she's already on the edge about it. Just push her in the right direction. Its not like she's staunchly anti pot.

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  5. Me and my cousins were sorking on some edible extract for my granddad who had cancer for several weeks now.
    He paassed away yesterday. You better do it while you can!
  6. Do it man!  My grandma is the same way, she has many problems.  Well, for the past couple years she didn't go on our family vacation (Like whole extended family, 5 uncles/aunts lol).  We all got her to go last year, but she was very skeptical.  I didn't know this happened until after the vacation, but one of the days my sisters gave her an edible (explained what is was, of course).  She said the day she took it was the best day of the whole vacation.
  7. Make a weed tea. Old people love tea
  8. If marijuana was legal my grandma would still be alive. She has always been a smoker and did a lot of coke, LSD, mescaline, quaaludes, etc. etc. etc. back in the day so she wasn't naive or anything. We don't have medical marijuana in Iowa (yet) and I recently learned we have some of the harshest punishments for it. If we did, she would have been able to take a couple hits from her one hitter and been relieved. Instead, she wore two fentanyl patches at the same time and it killed her.
  9. My great grandma used to put some weed in some green alcohol and rub it wherever she felt arthritis pain. It seemed to be really effective.
  10. Was your grandmother from Mexico, Toking? The very first reference to cannabis as a medication that I found was in a "herbs and anthropology" book where they discussed the little old ladies in Mexico using a tequila and cannabis extract on their arthritic hands!
    And Sir, have you thought about getting her a vaporizer? No smoke, but all the faster benefits of smoking. With edibles the results can vary greatly, even with experienced users! What you ate, and when, will affect absorption, and the effects! Plus there is the uncertain amount of time for you to "come on" to the high! Edibles are the riskiest way to introduce a person to cannabis. It is all too easy to have "one bite too many"!
    Tinctures take time to make- especially the glycerin ones, which are more pleasant to take than alcohol tinctures. They are easy to use and it is easier to control the dose than with edibles. Tinctures are great for those times when you can't smoke and need a discrete way to medicate.
  11. Sorry about your granddad :(
    Take your time about grieving...don't let anyone rush you, our society is so messed up when it comes to losing someone and's a big, big deal.  Very cool that you were trying to help him.  My father is 87, and beginning to have some real problems...believe me, I've spent so much time on the phone with him now, and going out to visit him.  Hoping he will come and live with us soon as he's starting to realize he may need help eventually.  Hope you find peace :smoke:
    Great point...I would like to help my mom in the same way...I have a MFLB, but it tends to make people cough, and that would bother my mom...could you suggest (or could anyone suggest) a vaporizer that doesn't make one cough too much?  I love my MFLB, but as elderly as my mom and dad are, I'd be afraid of them coughing too much.
  13. My little Vapor Brothers is nice. An asthmatic friend of mine needed to use cannabis because of other medical problems, but the act of smoking was just too much for her lungs. I let her try my VB and we were ordering her one about 5 minutes later! Do NOT buy an "El Cheapo" look-alike! The ones I have seen REEK of plastics and phthalates (NASTY chemicals) and may not be safe to use!
  14. Yeah shes from the state of Coahuila,mx. She told me that there used to be alot of weed fields around the mountains where her father worked as a miner. Weed ciggarillos seem to go back too since all the old poeple usually smoke them or if they smoke from a pipe they smoke the entire nug lol. Storm thats a good idea ima look in my local cloud 9.
  15. Tell her about the different methods of how she can ingest it and go from there.
  16. Get her a domeless nail and take some dabs fam
  17. This my fine sir needs to be a signature!

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