Grandma caught me..

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    So i got caught by my parents twice. First time they treated it like it was heroin. 2nd time i came up with an amazing excuse. So you can tell my family is anti-marijuana, which is a shame since i live in so-cal.
    anyway so i always hint to my grandma about weed, i say shit like "lets go blaze", "where do you buy your kush". She always laughs and probably thinks im kidding.
    So today i show her a small bag of kush saying "lets blaze" She starts crying, tells me how im going to be a drug addict and do worse drugs... 
    frickin sucks. horrible feeling. What the fuck do i do know. And she made me throw away my weed. I didnt want her to cry anymore
    oh and to the people saying i was showing off my weed. I seriously was down to smoke with her. I wasnt showing it off thats just dumb

  2. Aww your bag of weed:(Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    You're basically an idiot. What did you expect?Sent from DEA Headquarters
  4. She didn't catch you, you fuckin showed it to her lol! Respect your elders though man. 
  5. Show some damn, kids these days just have no clue.    Your grandma didn't immigrate to a strange country and survive 2 world wars so you could rub your weed in her face.   Use your fucking head and stop acting like an ungrateful punk-ass kid 
  6. lmao, why you gotta go and make granny cry now?

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  7. Sorta your fault OP. You are going to have to seduce her.
  8. Why the fuck would you show your anti-weed grandma your bud...? That just fucking stupid...
  9. man so much hate on me. what happened to all the people that smoke with their grandparents
  10. i didnt know she was anti weed. She always laughed at my weed jokes, and i know her 2 daughters smoked a lot of weed back in the day
  11. Maybe they took a look at your post history and realized you're only like 14? :smoke:
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    What 70-80 year old people know what 'kush' and 'blaze' mean??????  OP you sound like you are 14 or 15 (in which case you shouldn't be here) based on your idiotic posts.   Give your head a shake and show your elders some respect. 
  13. Sorry op but you're fucking retarted and disrespectfulSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  14. shes 61 shes not that old. And she knew i was talking about weed i would say marijuana sometimes. And im not 14 or 15 
  15. how am i disrespectful i thought she'd be down to smoke
  16. i smoke with my grandparents. but i sure as fuck waited for them to approach me with it lol. just tell her you were trying to take your joke to the next level. you weren't really gonna smoke it.

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  17. Derpa derp Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  18. oh by the way she knows what weed is for sure. Cuz i got some green plant i think it was oregano and i said its weed. She asked to smell it and she smelled it and said it wasnt weed. And we both laughed
  19. hmmm...the old Nancy Reagan tear jerk story tactic...old form of propaganda to appeal to shame or hurting your loved ones feelings to drive kids away from pot
    and look at that...OP is a noob account...hmm.....those anti mj/mmj groups have been working overtime.
  20. That doesn't mean you go to show her your pot. That's still completely stupid.

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