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granddaddy purp?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by johnsonjohnson, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. I assumed granddaddy purp to be purple..opinions?

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  2. Nah man I've grown gdp. No perp
    Depends on more than "genetics" sometimes
  3. Granddaddy Purp does not have to be purple. The purple coloration in weed comes from lower growing temperatures that make the plant produce purple coloration at the end of its growing cycle. Certain strains are more likely to turn purple at a higher temperature threshold and even when grown in normal temps, may exhibit significant purple hues. I see a tinge of purple in your weed.

    Looks good regardless, enjoy.
  4. Yeah from the looks of it that stuff looks pretty good!
  5. No one is able to what a strain is from a picture. The only person who knows if it is GDP or not is the grower.
  6. In the past I've had really purple gdp and gdp with no purple at all. It still tasted the same, just didn't have the purple. It's a great strain regardless, so enjoy yourself!
  7. I have GDP right now that's mostly green. Fire

  8. He knows what strain it is, he's just wondering why the suggested name isn't the color of the actual buds he has.

    OP, someone already mentioned it but it's to do with the growing temps.
  9. [quote name='"Yosh139"']

    He knows what strain it is, he's just wondering why the suggested name isn't the color of the actual buds he has.

    OP, someone already mentioned it but it's to do with the growing temps.[/quote]

    I just wonder why you feel the need to correct someone? Can't you just write your idea and not tell someone they are wrong? Did that make you feel superior? This is one problem with this site!!! It's cool if everyone has an opinion, why bash others.
  10. Pretty sure calmly giving information isn't bashing.
  11. [quote name='"UprightCitizen"']Pretty sure calmly giving information isn't bashing.[/quote]

    I never said you bashed anybody. The point was why you feel the need to point out someone else's opinion. What info did you give by saying that?
  12. I was talking about the guy you quoted. I didn't see him do anything wrong is all.
  13. #13 sourApple408, Mar 20, 2012
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    it could be grandaddy cuz of the stem sticking out like that near the bottom of the nug those are for the fan leaves right?

    heres some ken's GDP i got the stems stick out just like your nugs

  14. Bro, that GDP looks fire! I've seen nugs that are purp from top to bottom, but honestly, I don't think the colour makes a whole big difference. As long as it smells, tastes, and hits like some dank "purp", its all good in the end! :D

    Peace, and smoke on!
    Common0ne :smoke:
  15. [quote name='"johnsonjohnson"']I assumed granddaddy purp to be purple..opinions?[/quote]

    That stuff is really dank. Prolly better than anything I ever seen in person. How much you get/ how much u pay for it?

    Enjoy that stuff man.
  16. Please stop making a fool out of yourself.
    OT: That's some nice weed, wish I could get my hands on that lol.
  17. It might just need to be flushed better. I run GDP and 3 things make it turn purp. Flush, temps, and direct light. Temps don't have as much of an effect as a good flush or some strong direct light to help them ripen....(buds in the shade stay green)

    *lol @ the bickering over nothing. :D
  18. ya man, i grow gdp, the shit only has a purple tint to it near the base of the bud, and on the inside closest to the reproductive parts of her buds, btw if ur GDP is straight purple then somebody let their plants get chilly, usually resulting in lower yeilds and not as good nuggetry, but yano it is what it is :smoke:

  19. I am not at all trying to "bash" anyone in this site. I am just making it clear that he knows the strain, not asking what strain it is.

    Just chill out please :smoke: I intend no harm.
  20. an eighth for $60 normal around here for good shit.

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