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Grandaddy Purple Pickup (Macro Shots)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Typewritermonky, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, just got some nice GDP in from my guy. He gave me an eighth for 50$ and about 2/3 an eighth of GDP for 30$. Good weed, good deal. One nug gets me and a friend toasted for 5 hours of it. Strong delicious stuff. Now where are my leading ladies....


  2. We need some better pics. It looks pretty dank though anyway.
  3. I'm in a different world, I'ts sooo hard.

  4. haha don't hurt yourself bro.
  5. Wow, was just gone for 3 hours, still hitting me!
  6. GDP is some great stuff. I was fortunate enough to try some GDP bubble hash over the summer and it was awesome. Great pickup!
  7. Yea its pretty good, gives a good kick
  8. Granddaddy purp...

    last time i smoked that, the smoke tasted like bubble gum. no joke.

    amazingly good shit
  9. Mine tastes literally like the color purple.
    Minus Oprah.

    Mixed with... Like mango or papaya.
  10. Looks pretty tasty.
  11. nice pickup.. the exact same prices around here too.. maybe 55 for named strain. just because its a smaller town.

    but i have yet to get a named purp strain. so i am jealous.

    stay high:smoking:

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