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  1. Alright, so the last night me and my friend chipped in 5 each for a dime bag and got the guys bong out, we started our session, we lit up, had fun, chillin, laughing, coughing. So were like alright man, we gotta get back to my house and go watch movies and grab some food. My friend was fucking like, starving, his throat was so dry. He went upstairs and went in the GUYS fridge (note I was already out the door callin him to come so we would wake his parents) and jacked a chocolate milk, minutes later he gets a call and the guy is fucking screaming for his milk and his dad is in the background flippin out, he was so pissed. I heard the guy on my friends phone it was like YOU COME IN M FUCKIN HOUSE AND TAKE MY CHOCOLATE MILK. YOU FUCKING STEAL FROM ME IM GUNNA BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA YOU. The guy is like 90 pounds and my bud is like 200, but thats besdies the point. We were realllllyyy high. So my friend was to afraid to bring it back, so it gave the milk to me and I sprinted it back to the guy, he wasn't even pissed at me he was just fucking laughing at my friend and wants to fight him. So I'm chilling typing this and I just took a trip to Kingston, so I can't chill with my friend and this guy wants to fight him b/c he jacked his chocolate milk, I should make a movie with this drama.

    lmao wtf u guys think
  2. that's ridiculous. No one likes chocolate milk....

    sure the 'GUY' wasn't joking?
  3. Ehh overreacting just a tad....
  4. yeah the guy is pissed haha. hes still super pissed today.
  5. If someone touched my choclate milk all hell would break lose.
  6. idk man, it made for a really bad trip ha.
  7. What do you mean no one likes chocolate milk?? Ive never met anyone who doesnt.
  8. well i mean, its not so much the chocolate milk. cause my friend didnt drink any, i brought it back unopened.

    its that his dad got pissed nd woke up.
  9. You just do not touch another man's chocolate milk. What is this world coming to?
  10. [quote name='Opivy'] No one likes chocolate milk....


    are you joking?
  11. well it depends was this all the chocolate milk in the fridge. Cause i mean I like chocolate milk, and if i had some in my fridge n went to get it and there ain't no more chocoloate milk cause some thirsty ass stoner took it I'd be hella pissed.

    ...nah its just chocolate milk...damn.

    were not talkin bout a gallon are we? ...that would change everything.
  12. I Like Milk :rolleyes:

  13. it was half a litre
  14. You have such class :laughing:
  15. and hes not really a stoner, it was his second time lighting up, and he got 4x .2g fresh bowl hits,

    like. its kinda understandable and funny as fuck
  16. This thread gave me a good laugh. Leave it to stoners to get pissed off over half a liter of chocolate milk haha. If I had cottonmouth and my chocolate milk was jacked, I can't say I'd be too happy about it though. I mean, chocolate milk is quite delicious, especially right after you blaze and fresh out the fridge...:)
  17. yeah i can understand why he took it, my second time blazed out of my mouth in life i woulda grabbed anything. its just they hada fridge full of shit and he took the smallest drink and bulleted and now he might get his ass kicked, its kinda funny, but damn.
  18. meet me. i despise chocolate milk. i don't really like milk in general. but that's a nono!
  19. I can't stand chocolate, man; it tastes like rotten ass.

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