Grams per watt vs. grams per plant....?

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  1. Greetings fellow gardeners...
    I've been reading alot of threads lately on advanced growing techniques, ways to improve my quality AND quantity.  So, alot of the threads i've been reading are efficiency based, but using the logic of grams per watt.  However, for some of us in different parts of the u.s., we have a flowering plant limit.  For example, we have 2 medical cards, and we can have a maximum of 12 plants flowering at a time. So, although I do see the logic of gpw measuring efficiency, it doesn't work necessarily in our situation.  You might be super efficient with 1000 or 2000 watts, but you won't pull nearly as much quantity at the most efficient of models. 
    So, I'm throwing this out there as ways to make improvements on a per plant point of view.  Currently, I myself pull around a minimum of 8oz per girl, although I think I'm making strides and this last week it looks like I'm going to hit more like 10-12 per. 
    Keep it up!

  2. What's your set up like? What training you use? What strain? What size pots? Organic/nuteS?

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  3. Nice - care to give us some more info on your setup?

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    Few things tell less about a grow than "grams per watt".
    "Joe was not real good at mixing nutrients. He had to veg for a year with his 1000 watt lamp and harvested a pound of low quality bud."
    "Jim was an expert grower. He harvested a pound of high quality bud in 85 days (clone to harvest) using a 1000 lamp"
    Both have the same gram per watt ratio, except Jim used 25% of the power that Joe did.
    So all you Joes bragging about gram per watt ratio can save it for someone who does not know better.
    Grams per watt is a retarded measurement used by braggers and folks who need to sound smart.
    It will tell you nothing about nothing.
    I have seen other measurements of power to yield that are a bit more scientific. But I feel the best way to measure efficiency is not to compare to other people's grow operations, but to see the positive change in your own. Too many variables and a load of false claims to take any of it seriously. 
    Peace, R.

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