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Gram of hass compared to bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ratt0n, May 7, 2011.

  1. I have never smoked hash before, nobody ever sells it down here. There is a guy whos in town for a few weeks, he is selling hash but at 35 a gram, is that a rip off and how is a gram of hash compared to a gram of high quality bud
  2. the most I would pay is $20 a gram for some bomb hash. But, that is because if it isn't that price I'll just make it myself. Hash is very potent so I could actually see someone getting away with selling it for that much. Although I personnally would never pay that much.
  3. yeah its a bit expensive i won't lie, but if youre never gonna get hash again when he leaves... go for it atleast once :D

    it also depends on what type of hash, i've seen hash range from 20-$50 a gram.
    $50/g being BHO (butane honey oil) or budder (no butane left in the BHO)
    $20/g being like soap bar or some low grade hash/qwiso if you get sold that? lol.
    the inbetween is your bubbles, full melts, blondes, reds, etc

    so really, it COULD be worth it, but who knows in your case.
  4. $50 a g for anything is TOO much
  5. clubs around here sell their hash budder for $35 a gram. It's extremely potent and a gram will last you a very long time. Don't think you'll only get 4-5 bowls with it as you would with a gram of bud.
  6. Depends how potent that stuff is. :bongin:
  7. Hash in my area runs around $25 a gram and its 2 rips of it and you're gone beyond belief. I wouldn't pay $35. Maybe ask to sample it first?
  8. Buy yourself a 4-piece grinder and start collecting kief. It keeps coming, as long as you keep grinding and smoking and it will get you very high.
  9. buy it its only money!

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