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grafting to other plants.

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Lapperton, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. is it possible to graft marijuana to tomatos?

    i have been recently trying with no success. Im not trying to create thc tomatos, im just trying to grow weed off of my giant tomato plants. i can graft the tomatos together, and have gotten quite good at it, but marijuana cuttings have such a smaller stalk.

    i just got some rooting hormone that appears to be made exclusivley for marijuana propagation, so hopefully i may have better luck.

    im going to laugh at myself when i find out that the two plants are too different to graft. :D or im going to have the best stealth grow ever
  2. if you graft a plant on another plant they do not share DNA .. so no such thing as a Pot "tomacco" for you Homer...

    and the real question is "why does this BS keep getting asked ?" no insult, but this "?" comes up about once every 4-6 months..WTF are they teaching in High School biology these days...

    ohh and start to laugh .. MJ only grafts to one other plant ( other then itself of course) ..and that one is used in the beer to wash down that tomato on your cheese burger

  3. right, all of my research has told me that hops is the only other rootstock the marijuana plant can graft to.
    however, all of the research i have read pertaining to marijuana grafting has been about just that, marijuana grafting.

    i worked in a greenhouse for a few years in college, and learned how to graft on miniature orange trees. the trees, as well as the tomatos we grew all had different breeds of rootstock and plants combined. the tomato scion (top part of the plant that has been grafted) would be heirloom, and the rootstock would be a hybrid roma. they would do this because the hybrids have better natural resistances against pests and pathogens, but the heirloom tomatos taste so damn good. so you get best of both worlds, of course the plants arent sharing DNA, but there are certainly phisical attributes that can be manipulated to get a better plant.
  4. right, but heirlooms grafted onto Romas is a touch different than say Roma tomatoes grafted onto basil. spent many years working green houses myself( family business).
  5. We used to graft almond scions onto peach rootstock for the same reason as your tomatoes, to prevent nematodes and wet feet and such. I say keep trying, it just may be possible. Use a strain that propagates very easily and since you are using smaller scions than the rootstock, perhaps you could mimic the way the cherry growers graft pollinators to their trees, with multiple scions grafted to one branch and only keep the one that takes the best. Good luck! Peace
  6. Would be interested to see if someone could graft cannabis and salvia.
  7. i say we just stick to a pure marijuana plant :)
  8. Say bro u said ur prob. in the ques.The size of the stalks.what u should try to do is get the plant stalks the same and also what type of grafting technique are u trying because it can be done if done properly i beleave cheers bro if it doesnt work o well at least u tried
  9. I tried just about all the different cuts for grafts I could think of. Your basic whips and saddle grafts just wouldnt catch on. I tried removing the suckers and attatching cuttings to those areas. Ive even tried splitting the stem in half and inserting clones that have been going in a bubble cloner that have just started to root.

    tomatos dont have bark, so there are a couple techniques that just wont work on principal. but im still trying what ever comes to mind. if you have an ideas please do share
  10. okay let me explain .. Cannabis CAN be grafted to Cannabis and Hops..

    why.. go look up how a plant gets its name..it has to do with Kingdoms, Divisions, Orders, Genus, and Families

    almonds and peaches..pretty much the same plant..

    now ..look to see what are in the same Genus and Family and you have a chance to get a good graft going. Seriously? You think some grads from Berkley have never tried to graft some pot to a tomato?

  11. marijuana can be grafted to itself right??? so why not graft diff strains on 1 plant?????? having all different buds coming from the same plant. for a grower who dosent have the luxury of being able to grow mutiple strains and only has space for 1 plant why not???
  12. well yeah ..but you got to grow out the plants to take cuttings from, to be able to graft. think about it..and yes for say a mother plant I get it. bit for anything else it is merely an exercise

  13. i love it
  14. graft a high yirld sativa to a pure indica... yield of the one, high of the other
  15. This was a great, funny, read. LMAO :D I wanna graft that chick at the
    "Mirage" swimming pool to my wife. Now that's what I'm talking about !!

    Good luck ..... what would you call it?
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    [quote name='Wharfrat74']

    and the real question is "why does this BS keep getting asked ?" no insult, but this "?" comes up about once every 4-6 months..WTF are they teaching in High School biology these days...Wharf[/QUOTE/

    Thanks Wharfrat, wonder this myself.

    Only plants in the same family or genus can be grafted together. People talk of grape and fruit tree grafts, which are hardwood grafts and are much easier to propagate than herbaceous annual and perennial plants and can be performed by average gardeners.

    Herbaceous softwood grafting is much harder to achieve success, but the real question is why would anyone want to try. If you want three different varieties, plant three plants, it is much simpler and infinitely more productive use of growing space and time. The skill it would take to do this is light years above most of the people reading this forum, and most trials would end in total failure.

    Even if this was accomplished you would have the problem of multiple, different, flowering times on the same plant, creating a culture care nightmare .
  17. There is actually another thread here in "Advanced Growing" that says that the hop thing is a myth...

    I dont think it can happen.

    Just my .02

  18. They don't combine forces... wtf are YOU smokin?

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