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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by hippie john, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. What is more stealth that a single small plant growing near the top of a 50' tree? nothing i can think of.... noone is gonan stumble onto your grow, unless for somereason they're climbing random trees in the middle of the woods.... now i know what your probably thinking.... put a bucket at the top of a tree to grow in? (well, hopefully your not thinking that, since the thread title says "grafting")....

    now heres what im thinking, use the T-bud grafting technique (pictured, except where you see the litte bud on the Scion, make that a clone)... graft in into the top of a larger tree (hell the tree really only need to be about 10 or so feet tall, becasue people arent going to be looking at all the branches... and it would be best to even find a plant with similar leaves...


    or even into like blackberry, since i know for sure that blackberry vines carry alot of liquids along the stems, so it would get plenty of nutrients.... or maybe like bamboo, since it has tons of water in it.... i know this has to be much more complicated than im thinkins.... so if any budding botanists happen to know any more on the subject i'd be gratefull.... :)
  2. Very interesting.
  3. that would be an amazing idea
  4. i had often pondered this, but i don't think it is possible, the vascular structures between woody trees and an annual flower have to be different. however if you were to find a hole where a branch had been but has since rotted out perhaps you could plant in it.
  5. ok john.i know u are talking bout me...
    i havnt been blowing u off, ive been thinking about it. suprisingly grafting weed isnt something that is in any of my books :)

    first of all...ur correct to comment that woody and non woody spp mix. trypically this is done on 'simular' wood. meaning that roses are grafted onto rose root, apples onto crabapple root, etc. the typical answer is that the spp has to be taxonomically simular.

    2nd, ur gonna go thru alot of hardy plants before u find the right combo, if ever.

    3rd. ur best choice i would think would be hops. reason u need simular (or like plants) is that u need the cambium and other parts to line up correctly.

    4th. i dont think u will have any success grafting and i like ur idea of hanging buckets in trees much more than trying to graft onto em :)

    sorry but this is more of a horticulture question than for a botanist.

    here are a few links that i found...

    personally i think this guy is full of shit but...


    this guy knows what he is talking about. this is the story that ive heard over time.

    the myth that THC flows is of course false. thc is produced on site. thc wont 'flow' thru the graft.
  6. yeah i know the thc doesnt flow around in the plant, it only really concentrates in the trichomes.... but my statment of grafting into bamboo, i didnt really mean graft, more or less just cut a slit in one of the chambers of a bamboo plant, and insert a freshly rooted clone in the chamber.... my thinking is that maybe the roots from the clone will grow into the chamber, and slowly work their way down through the multiple chambers.... you could even like cut out a hole and insert a sterilized rubber gromet in the smae chamber as the clone is in, and directly inject water into the bamboo plant.... although then the roots would probably get waterlogged.... ok fuck that idea.... well, im gonna give it a shot with afew clones grafted into like maple trees (i know, i know, its a totally different type of plant, and its not gonna work, but i have to do it so i dont drive myself insane over the .00000001% chance that it could work)... comp is about to fuck itself up so i must post now before i lose it all..,,,

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