Grafting Anybody>?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by father_parkers, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. I was wondering if anyone here has tried grafting before with there MJ plant, or if you know anybody else who has, or know any results that could happen. (I'm talking about grafting different kinds of plants to MJ, not different strains..)
  2. Grafting- why??
  3. So you could make your own marijuana tree!

    Edit: I was joking originally, but after I posted this I thought, damn that would be effing awesome. Long branches of weed hanging down like a willow tree haha.

    I wonder if you grafted it onto a baby orange tree if it would take on a citrus-y taste.

    I don't know much about grafting, do you have to use a similar plant? Does the grafted plant take on any of the properties of the host plant? I would be willing to try this once my seeds come and I get them growing.
  4. The stock and scion have to be from the same plant family - so forget marijuana and citrus.

    Sometimes cacti that are slow growing are grafted onto faster growing stock, it speeds them up. No advantage at all in grafting one strain of MJ onto another.
  5. I'm a little rusty on my bio, family is the first one after genus?

    And I wouldn't say there was no advantage. Say theres a strain that doesnt produce the best bud, but the roots take up little space, you could graft a better plant onto that to save soil space.

  6. family - genus - species

    is the descending order

    All genera of cacti are in the family cactaceae

    I only use that example cos I know a lot about cacti

    Just done a bit of research the genus Cannabis is presently in the family Cannabaceae, along with only one other genus, Humulus. Hops is in this genus. I say presently as it has formerly been classified in another family.

    So you could graft hops onto MJ and get high and drunk on the beer!! Now THAT idea is awesome!!
  7. Bumped this cos no-ones read my last reply

  8. ha, that would be pretty cool if you could do that and brew up some stinky beer! ....Ive seen you'r other threads spanishfly, you seem like you have quite a bit of experience and knowledge with the Cannabis, why not give this a go in the future? haha

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