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Graffix Bongs??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BagODuff, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Anyone remember Graffix? I had a few over the years, cant seem to find any nowadays.
    If you got one, post a pic. If you had one, tell a story lol...
    Snow bongs ftw.
  2. I have to get it out of storage just to take a pic? Nah...
  3. a shop near me sells graffix GonG tube for like 130 w/ diffy. and i have an older sm acrylic thats graffix that i busted out the other day. i love smal bongs u and just bust out a piece of tubing and make it a 4fter in no time.
  4. the headshop that i work at used to sell like only graffix. now we only have a few graffix things like a couple ashtrays and some interchangers.
  5. wow i need some help with understanding the slang / lingo of these forums. i have been smoking since october and havent stoped since so its not like im new or old at smoking . but is there a website or can anyone make a list and make some definitions cuase i have never heard anyone use these terms before.

    if you could PM me some of the more coomplicated words. it would be appreciated or just point me somewhere . im sorry if im kinda dumb not knowing the words you use. :/
  6. i have a small purple acrylic graffix right now; it kicks ass, great for conserving weed while still getting a smooth hit
  7. I have had several Graffix pieces over the years. I think the business changed ownership, thats why you never hear about them any more.

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