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  1. I was just wondering like what are some good techniques when trying to draw graffiti designs, not tag...

    I'd like to eventually learn how to tag things but for now I'd like to learn how to draw designs, and specifically the letters dpc.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks alot!
  2. just google graffiti, find some shit that you like, and try to copy it. Do that with other peoples until you develop a style of your own and then just go from there. There's not really any techniques, theres shading and stuff, but nothing that can be explained very well.
  3. QFT. There's not much you can do, just look at other's stuff and try to copy. Practice on some old wood in your backyard and shit til you can come up with your own and practice that, then when you feel your good enough and like what you do, go around and throw it up (i'd stay away from schools, libraries, offices, ect. it'll just be gone the next day)

    EDIT: A good place to check out tags is (im pretty sure that's the site, haven't been there in awhile)
  4. well here's my attempt...

    no copying all of the top of my head.

    not very good but meh
  5. its a start...

    EDIT: my attempt, sorry its so rough, its been a while
  6. haha yeah i guess

    im actually good at drawing so i think with some practice the ideas will start flowing
  7. i wish i had taken this advise in the beginning... DONT try and draw graffiti.graff is whatever you put up. The best way to progress with letter formations is to do straight blocc letters, and keep doing them over and over again until your hand bleeds. repeat this for a couple years and your shit might be worthy of being on the street. Fetal3trilla ITN KM 206
  8. hey man i'm really into graffiti as well. for now im just sticking with stencils but once i get more practise, i'm gonna go out and do my own stuff. anyways check out this site. it has links to graffiti sites that post their art, enjoy;).
  9. im a tagger. and i find the best thing to do when creating sketches is to just find a few letters that flow good. (look well together) i find that 3 or 4 letters works best becuase it takes about a can for each color. so useing only 3 letters will save you money.

    anyways, draw your letters in light pencil. then tweak them a bit, then a little bit more. and just keep tweaking it untill you like the result. add arrows and little add ons to make it look more appealing and draw attention to your peice. but don't make the arrows apart of the letters thremselves! have a small gap or something in between.

    once you get the letters done you can add a 3D shade to it to make it stand out even more.

    putting it on a wall is a defferent story.

    you start with your color. and do the color first.
    then once everything is colored you go over it with your black or whatever.

    its like coloring something that isnt drawn yet.

    good luck!

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