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  1. Anyone interested in these? anyone doin' them? I find them very interesting and it seems the more I learn the more I want know about them, I mean it's so different from painting a picture on paper or canvas, the colors, the shapes, the desings all these little things that can make it look great or crap, I think that Graffiti is different to the thing people know as art (paintings, sculptures etc. everything that shows and image of something or somewhere) very much the same way as Ambient music is different from what we understand as music (melodies, rhytm, linearity etc.)
    In ambient the sounds matter as much as the melody
    In graffiti the colours and outlinigs are just as important as shape. and in graffiti the name of the artist is the actial work
  2. Dude, all I see is I missin somethin or am I just "stoned again"( well I AM but not THAT much)
    Da"Hope I Ain't Goin Blind"Captn:smoking:
  3. it's text... but it's alot more than that...

    your art could be take as just 'blobs of colour' with no consistant pattern, but as thats what it is, its also alot more than that. your art is very beautiful, as is all art in its own way... because of the way the colours and shapes come together, im sure you would say that it reflects your personality and thoughts and emotions. as is the case for graffiti... graffiti is alot more than text, its a way of demonstrating pride for your own skill, but also it reflects the artist's personality, and mindset. as does the text itself. the shapes, outlines, colours, and style can all mean something... and graffiti is something that may not be understood immediately. but there's a reason that it has become such an important part of youth society. personally, i dont graffiti.. because i generally suck at art, never really learned how to graf well, and am not interested in the risk of fines and jail, but i do enjoy looking at some of the crazy stuff that can fill up whole walls, and if you look at it closely as i do with your psychadelic art, you find a whole new world of art...

    and as for your question ubik.. there's alot of graf stuff you can find on the internet, or if you're interested in doing it just walk down some urban alleys (during the day) and look what the artists have to offer
  4. I've checked some of the locals work for some time now and as I give them respect from doin' it I still have to say that the majority of them sucks ass, I mean they're mostly just big plain capitals with like two colors, no personality, no shades, nothing just big blue capitals FTC, ????? I mean why? well there's a minority of people who have been doin' it here for a loooong time but they're now workin in old factories and stuff becuse in the city it get's removed in a week or so in here, and because they're using lot's of money and hours of work in it they don't want to see it bein' remowed in a week or so. But anyway the majority is just plain awfull, I mean I haven't painted any large size works yet, only scetching and some homewall painting, but the things I see in the walls of this city aren't graffiti, they're just ugly letters that look stupid, well there's the perspective of the genreation, where the amount is more important than the quality.....
  5. yeah, like KIDZ

    the <--- Sucks under it looks just as good...
  6. i write...

    its fun

 type up a huge paragraph like you guys, but im much too high and dont really have the patience.

    but yeah, if you want to know anything about graffiti, just pm me or whatever

  7. so who did the scene?
  8. WHOA!!!!!!!! that-is-amazing-!-!-!
  9. shok.. seak.. and i forget who the third guy is
  10. alot of my friends are into graffiti. 626 writers. any of you guys write in 626?
  11. whooooo that stuff's insane!!!!! keep posting 'em!

    I like that kind of stuff where's it not only the name (that's what I'm used to see, there's not much of good spots in here so it has to been done pretty fast and it gets cleaned in a month or so and I still don't understand why? I mean I'm more likely to emjoy watching stuff like that than grey concrete walls...

    That is crazy!!!
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