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  1. Who's your favourite graff artist and why?

    Peace! :wave:
  2. DREAM TDK (r.i.p.)



    If I had to name just one person, it would be Dream. His style is way too fly to get slept on. Unfortunately, there aren't many pictures of his that are easily accessible online.
  3. Stack! Cuz his shits crazy...
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    Hm... What current graffiti artists do I respect the most? JA, Wyse, and Nekst because they bomb the hardest. Ether as well, but I'm partial to him because I've met the guy and he put me on to a few things when I was just a toy.

    Anybody with style who goes out and bombs multiple cities gets my respect.

  5. Any of you guys good? I do pieces on walls a lot myself
  6. How do you define good?

    can control?


    Street presence?

    I'd call myself 'good', but simply because I have good can control and decent, consistent style (not re-inventing myself every single piece). But honestly, I don't get up much anymore and don't even care to keep up with gossip and shit like that. I'm more of an outsider at this point than a lot of other writers I know, but people still want me to do shit in their blackbooks, so . . . .
  7. That gossip Shits weak so good for u. Can control and your own style basically. U don't have to be doin nuttin to wild. Im postin some of my pics in the graff thread. Peep em
  8. Ewok......Just look at that style.....


  9. Yeah, this kid I know constantly tells me about beef in the city (SF), and I'm just like "uh huh, uh huh, yeah, oh no I actually don't know that cat, uhh huh, ok" - Shit gets old so fast. I also hate it because it makes me feel like I don't know any writers just because I don't live in the city and don't go on flickr 24/7 and keep up on shit.

    Although, I guess it would be a little bit hypocritical for me to complain about the internet's (negative) effects on graffiti . . . so I'll leave it at that. :p
  10. I kind like the other ewok better,, go look in the graffiti forum

  11. I know the other ewok you speak of.......the other ewok has nice stuff...but to me doesnt compare.

    another favorite for me is craola.....crazy stuff..


  12. ^ Dude, Craola's illustrations are fucking ridiculously good.

    If you like that stuff you should also check out WESK
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    will do! thanks for the tip!:smoke:


    damn....his stuff is insane..

  14. Yeah, all of LORDS is really impressive.

    If you like WESK then you'd probably like GENA as well. They both have crazy technical ability (and unique style as well).
  15. Heres Stack btw. Love his shit. I write too..



  16. I guess the difference between me and most people is that I like straight bombers, everybody else likes piecers. But I mean c'mon, anybody can be a legal eagle, you don't have to bomb to do p walls

  17. I feel ya.....some of my favorite bombers are cats like skuff, Ja, Noxer...



  18. Exactly what smokin bowlers said. Piecing is ok but does not compare at all in intensity of being on a billboard at 3am ish,or bein in the yard Paintin then seein yard patrol drive a couple lanes away...maaan makin my heart pump up now.

  19. true.....true....its pretty intense shit....
  20. [​IMG]

    Huge balls.

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