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  1. I live in Alberta, which has a drinking age of 18. When i graduated we has a party at a hall through the school. anybody over 16 can drink, i was getting served and i was 17. we even ripped a few fat joints and got pretty drunk before the party, and literally 2 minutes after finishing the joints we talked to 2 cops outside of the hall, they knew we were blasted, but just bullshitted with us for 10 minutes. since the drinking age is 21 in the states, is this kind of graduation unheard of for a school to throw?
  2. I guarantee in America, we drink more at our graduation parties. Nothing gives high schoolers an ego boner like getting underage shitfaced. ;) but yeah, it would be unheard of, because no high school would allow drinking inside of it or associated with it. So only half of your situation is unheard of
  3. im from Alberta too! during our grad year we have 2 big ran parties, 1 on the night before the first day of school (everyone gets wasted and there's always drugs) and there's parents and emt people there incase there's any injuries and the one on graduation night (but they're not so chill on the drugs haha)
  4. in my high school we had a frat. everyone was welcome to join on graduation and get fucked up
  5. Ya, getting drunk illegally is fun, but imagine if for just one day (or a few days, depending on how many grads you go to) highschool kids can drink for almost free and completely legally. I know if you were in highschool and such a day existed, you would make it one to remember.;)

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