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Graduation Blazed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jackman6123, May 16, 2010.

  1. I am going to my highschool graduation today and I plan on getting super blazed beforehand. can anyone tell me what I ought to expect? :smoking:
  2. I suggest you dont get totally stoned, get to a level your comfortable with and can function normally!
  3. theres always a dude who trips and falls on his way up, dont be this dude!
  4. you can expect to be high, and graduate. you'll be laughing all the way to your diploma. i would suggest smoking before you change into whatever youre wearing to the actual graduation though, you dont want to completely smell all herbal.

    good luck and congrats
  5. Honestly, I am yet to get to a point where I can't function normally. When I get super stoned it just takes me longer to process things. I have always been able to function though
  6. So I don't see any problem. toke it up :smoking::smoking:
  7. Well then, blaze and have fun :) And congrats
  8. fuck yea thanks guys I appreciate the support :smoking:
  9. i wouldnt know...they called my name but i wasnt there hahaha out making money

    **p.s.**they hand u a fake diploma anyhow and mail u the real one so it didnt matter i wasnt there lol
  10. DUDE!
    Don't forget how to take the diploma! Isn't it like right hand under to shake, left hand over to take the diploma?
    Most important part dude! :bongin:
    good luck
  11. shit i went drunk as hell. still hungover from the previous night and my friend picks me up and passes me a mixed drink. i was shitfaced for mine so you should be alright man although your most likely already there so this message doesnt even matter!
  12. I say blaze it up before you even take a shower just take a few hits. Then get dressed and ready to go no one will even suspect your high lol unless they know how you are. Just don't trip and fall and like someone said remember how to get the diploma :smoking:
  13. It's a high school graduation... very uneventful.
  14. I spent my intier senior year blasted, I was 19, I had stayed back.
    I skiped my graduation because It didnt matter to me, Instead I spent the day getting blasted off my ass, Pills and acid. Great year
  15. This.
    Don't worry about functioning and all that nonsense people are talking about, alls you have to do is sit and wait until your name is called then walk across the stage, get diploma and take picture w/ principal. Being high would make it way better

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