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  1. So I was bad.. I started 2 plants and have them hidden growing in the back of my 70w hps tobacco seedling setup that, my parents let me do. There bagseed and I'm going to play with them indoors for another week or so then move them to my lil plot I used last year. I still need to prep the plot.

    Most healthy seedlings start with normal node advancement of 2 cylodons (sp) then nodes with 1-3-5 blades per leaf. Then they repeat 5 blades or go to 7-9 blade growth per node. My plant on the other hand out nice big cylodons (sp), the largest I've ever seen, had a one blade leaf node then went right to 5 a blade leaf. The other plant exhibits the normal 1-3-5 blade growth.

    The setup is less then optimal with lighting, I have it about a foot from a 70w hps and the sweet spot for those lights is more like 4-6” away. The soil is a light mix, its 40% coir 30% pearlite and 30% composted manure with a nutrient value of 5-5-5. There almost 2 weeks old now and much smaller then the norm as when I give them more light.

    Ill throw up some pic's of them displaying the growth late tonight.
  2. Well i preped my plot. Same one i used last year for my good plant. I dug 2 1' square holes threw out the sandy bottom soil and broke up the topsoil. I picked out all the big rocks and put them at the bottom about 1" thick. I them mixed in 1gal coir, 1/2 gal pearlite, and 10lbs composted manure and filled the holes. I then spread sticks and leaves over the spot to cover it up.
  3. did you plant in the ground last year or did you do the 5 gallon bucket? how far away do you have your spot from your house? pretty decent hike? i still havent got out, havent had time to do the shit.
  4. I grew in a 5gal bucket but I cut the bottom off because I was afraid of it getting rootbound. But it ended up just drying out faster because the water would leach down out of the bucket into the ground.

    It's a real short hike, 1 block to the woods and about 1/2 mile in. Nothing too crazy. I'm putting them out on the 21st. Hopefully they show sex in a few weeks and I can take clone's. Im going to run a hose buried under leaves from the plot to a spot so I can water from afar without making a trail. Ill check in on them a week after transplant. Then after that I'll water once a month, and ill visit them to give ‘em some crazy training once or twice.

    O yea and dread did you read about my seedling going form one blade right to 5 blade's on the second node!
  5. Check out this 5 blader!

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  6. check out the 1/2" cylodons

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  7. last one

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  8. HIGH All, nice babies gr0wer!!!!! Yes I've had them go from one to five Also...I think it's because they are heathy and growing so fast it bypass's the other two sets...I think.

    So young!!
  9. hmm, ive never had the 5 blade appear like that. is it some genetics? or some bagseed? thats interesting looking though. healthy as hell too!
  10. that's awesome... 1 blader to 5.... how'd you do that? did you just get lucky?

    btw, they're looking real nice man.... hopefully they're femme ;)
  11. I was bagseed but it was in good bud.

    Talking about genetics, i just got 5 NLxBB seeds for helping a friend start his setup. Today we Only had like 3 hours before i had work so this is what we did. They came and picked me up, we bought a bag of poting soil, pearlite, 10x 6" pots, bone meal, blood meal, 40lb of lime (ill take most of it and give him like 5lbs), and a powerstrip.

    We smoked a bowl of my hash i shook yesterday on the way to my place, i showed them my setup and they were impressed. So i took my 150w hps and we headed over to the kids house. The whole ride there my friend james was looking under the seat for a wire nut that he knocked off the setup because it want boxed up so he was looking at it and babling about the wiring since hee's an electricin by trade, which might come in handy down the road. :D

    Anyways we got to the kids house, unloaded, and he brought out his plant and it was in a small clay pot in normal soil. He had it under a "growlamp" for 2 weeks and it was the sadest looking plant ive ever seen. It was about 6" tall and was only a cylodon and 2x 1mm first nodes of leaves. I took all the soil off the roots and transplanted into one of the 6" pots with poting soil with added pearlite and a dash of blood meal.

    We then went into his room and showed me the closet. He has he sickest "homegrown" poster with all elves or gnomes harvesting, triming, and carting good looking buds with a real good looking plant in the center. It was sick and gives you a clue of what will be going on inside soon :D

    So the closet is about 2.5" deep and we made a spot about 3' tall by removing some plank shelves. I then put the ballast up on the shelf. I seperated the 2 top planks, oen of wich the the ballst was sitting on, and droped the 150w hps through the gap then squeezed the wire between the 2 shelves so its a vertical hung light for now. I then put a towel at the jam of the door on the inside to block the light, he still needs weather strip on the rest of the door though.

    Tomorrow im heading over and were puting in a fan and orderig a second $35 150w hps from HJ's cheap supples thread.

    Im not sure what were doing with the flower/ veg stuff but they want to make some seeds first. So I think ill just take clones from them early in flower, root em and put em outside then use them as mom's.
  12. The plants were showing a bit of N deffeciency so i gave them a shot of some shultz 10-10-10 since my normal oranic tea bucket isnt up to par because of a protien buildup problem.

    Triping on hawiian baby woodrose seeds right now, dam cool.
    Get em from Crush em pick out the meat with a sharp knife or razor and eat. You need to get rid of as much shell as possibe since it has cyanide and will just make you puke and feel like crap.

    Right now my eyes are dialated as fuck and i feel like my eyes are huge. I love looking at colorfull moving things my screen is slightly pulsating around what im typing and same happens when i look at most things. I wish i was in the woods at day and trippin just wathing everything around me... I think ill do that soon. Its a good trip to conversate and chill on too. Its all in the eyes and little in the head. Im think ill watch a movie now. peace.
  13. O and i almost forgot the god news and the reason why i came to post. Im the proud father of 5 BlxBB! All 5 sprouted! Ill transplant tomorrow.

    I cant wait to get my good genetics!
  14. I found a pic of that poster i was talking about, its Gnome grown. Im buyin one for myself. :D If you look in the far right theres a wise looking mushroom wizard overlooking the operation.

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  15. update? whats goin on with this project? thats a pretty tight poster also!

  16. my friends soon to be hydro grow is going ok, hees learning. I think he got the hang of soil and basic plant culture now. we hsould be completing the hydro system tomorrow but my friend broke my ph pen using it to crush HBW seeds (i didnt realise till the harm was done) :( it now reads 18ph in tap water and i cant get it to read below 10ph in 7 ph calibration solution even maxing out the calibratation screws. $40 down the drain.... anyways im having a ball growing all this stuff :D
    I cant wait till my outdoor ;)
  17. HIGH All, right on with with your Buddy going Hydro...don't know if it's been mentioned..but you should check out the Bubble Bucket's...done All most every Hydro way and I tell you the BB's are so easy I wish I learned this 20 years ago.
  18. Were going areo for max yields and it cant make any noise because his mom's room is on the other side of the wall.. yea its one of those but the kids loaded so hopefully he'll move out and we can make a nice 600w grow in his new place. My coices were NFT, E&F, drip and areo because of the noise, so i went with areo to challenge myself. Otherwise bubblers rock! So simple yet so effective and easy to maintain. This areo setup cost about $400, mostly because of the $100 timer we could have built a bubbler setup for about $100 total. But made allot mroe noise while we were at it.

    Hopefully this will start a wave of homegrowers in my brothers crew, there all intrested and checking in on our progress and you can see it in there eyes. I aldready have it planned out, they just need to get an apt then they'll invite dr greenthumb over to work his magic and show his tricks. My friend loved my LST i gave my 2 plants i gave him, there the 2 largest and healthiest because i gave them a good start for the first 2 weeks. Too bad there bagseed and the rest that he started with a bad 3" stretch start are all WW BBXNL and turtle power??? And the WW and BBXNL he gave to me got taken by my dad :(... i need an apt, and a better job, a nice flush of shrooms, a few big bags of homegrown bud, and most of all some nice tight ass :D
  19. O and we took pics last week and will be doing agin next wekend when we should be going hydro.
  20. Stop keeping us in the dark grower, lets see those pics man!

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