Gowing Without Seeds (From Cuttings?)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by illegal-town, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Is it possible to grow from cuttings?
    Ive had my first harvest from a plant, and it was top stuff. The seed was given to me by a friend, when he moved to a different city.

    Ive read lots about growing, and grew it all well.:smoke: Got about 3/4 ounce from it.
    One once for parents.
    One for sister
    One for me.
    So as you can guess, after giveing friends a tester, and their isent much left for me to smoke. So i want to grow annouther one or two.

    So i have no seeds :( .. Is it possible to take cuttings (like with other plants) and grow annouther plant from that?

    (in my local newpaper in uk, a person was cought growing 5 cb/plants and with posstion of a class drugs. He only got a £300 fine... So im happy!! )

    Can i grow from cuttings?
    Can i grow from one sex plant, (hidden seed or summat)?
  2. yes, you can grow from cuttings. search for "cloning"

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