Government won't prosecute Goldman Sachs in probe

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  1. Smoke a harmless plant get thrown in a cage, don't pay or cheat on your own taxes get thrown in a cage, orchestrate and execute a fraud that plunges the world economy into a recession, get rewarded. God Bless the U.S.A.!:mad:

    The Associated Press: Government won't prosecute Goldman Sachs in probe
  2. So the number 1 contributor to Obama when he was a senator, number 2 contributor to his 2008 election run, and current number 1 contributor to Romney isn't going to be prosecuted? Weird..

  3. THIS this a million times this! Come on people its not a conspiracy theory its right out in the fucking open! This is how we also know that the media is bought what REAL journalist wouldn't want to crack and sensationalize this story! But there are no more journalists in the MSM, just paid propoganda pieces of the almighty government.
  4. now they have their high frequency trading machine to do their dirty work for them. they just input numbers and then claim it was a bug and markets flash crash and they just happen to make money from it. what a coincidence. oh how do they do it..
  5. hmmm...used to be a time, an age, when bad people and corrupt politicians/bankers fell ill, suffered and died from sudden lead poisoning or fatal rope rash on their necks...sigh...ya...those were the days...
  6. ok...trick question time...can you spot the thing that has zero value in this picture?

    ahah!. See, you fell for it...there is nothing of value in that picture..suckers!
  7. I don't get this at all.

  8. Makes perfect sense. Why would they prosecute one of their biggest sources of income?

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