Government sucks

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  1. This is a known truth.

    Now I know this next part is super hard for all of you guys, but please imagine for me a world that had no government. Don't explain to me the chaos which would ensue because, I tell you what, we have some mother fucking chaos right now while we are all "governed" under these pieces of shit.

    Would people kill? Of course. Would people steal? Why wouldn't they? Would people rape? I would certainly assume so.

    Would people kill, steal, and rape "legally" under the guise of "protecting your freedoms" or providing for you? Fuck no. This is where we the people have fucked up. A bunch of asshats in DC have been killing, stealing, and raping us completely "legally" for years but because they offer us security and comfort we submit. Well I just want to go on the record and say that anything worth doing is going to be hard and strenuous work. I don't think enough people realize this.

    I feel as though my feelings of empathy are much stronger than most. I understand where all of the desires to help others in need come from. I know why people want health care, I know why people want welfare, I know why people want Social Security. You can delude yourselves into thinking you're noble and kind for supporting these things, but in reality these programs are easy to support and allow you not to feel guilty.

    Comfort isn't a right. It is something you earn. If eating everyday were a right don't you think people might be a little more angry at the governmental systems of all of Africa? Why aren't people yelling about Africans not having free health care if it is such an important right? I hope this really opens your eyes. This is some Atlas Shrugged shit right here. The reason it is so easy to describe health care as a right in our modern, western world is because the infrastructure for such a system has been developed and installed by privately owned and operated companies. Now that this system of infrastructure is ripe and ready for the taking, the parasites have done exactly that. You guys don't bitch about Africans not having health care because of the implications of installing this infrastructure in African countries. If health care is such an important right that we are all entitled to the Africans should have it as well. The real beauty is that I have never seen one single person on this forum support or purpose the idea of free health care for any nation in Africa, but this right is something every human is entitled to!

    Look at the reality of that situation. No infrastructure, no tangible goods to thieve and there is no protest for entitlement rights. In this scenario people realize that struggle is necessary in the acquisition of these comforts. When infrastructure and tangible goods to thieve become available there is an immediate, almost involuntary reflex of society screaming for something which they have no right to, the last blood-curdling gurgle of something drowning in its own waste. Give me my precious...

    I would have never described it as such before, because I used to believe that because adults acted like children they should be treated as such. This is not the case. Even though adults act like children, they know better but allow such atrocities to continue. Maybe I would have described the nationalizing of all our industries as a child's temper tantrum, relatively mild in flavor as opposed to "an involuntary reflex of society screaming for something which they have no right to, the last blood-curdling gurgle of something drowning in its own waste" which in reality is what this is all about.

    People don't want to work for what they get in this life and in doing so they are depriving themselves of the best part of this life. This all fits in with my original statements about anarchy in a strange sense. Anarchy means quite literally without rule. I have come to use the term in more of a "self-rule" context. Self governance is the ultimate realization of your responsibilities to yourself as a human being as to not burden other people. Being childish and constantly throwing everything on your plate to your parents or your government instead of handling it yourself doesn't make you feel good inside. It makes you feel like a worthless piece of shit.

    So thanks for reading this massive rant of my thoughts on the world. I'm pretty sure Atlas is about to shrug IRL so I'm going to go prepare for that...
  2. Really? So there won't be any people who follow other people at all for the sake of comfort or protection?

    Wasn't there already 'no government' at one point in time? Isn't this, right now, what it led to? If we want to progress by going backwards isn't it logical to assume progress only leads to what we already had?

    If there is no oppression or government or infrastructure, what stops it from arising?
  3. Moving forward would entail the lack of thievery and raping, wouldn't it? Isn't it easier for a governing body with the will of the masses to thieve and rape than it is for an individual?

    The government holds a monopoly on force.

    Just because something changed doesn't mean it changed for the better. Government was not a step in the right direction, it was more like a side step. If you want the world to be a better place you need to teach people to change their ways, not usurp their property in the name of protecting freedoms.
  4. ill put this simply for the 12 billionth time

    the government totaly sucks
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  5. That depends on your connotations for 'better'.

    I would like to see humanity survive. I would like to see humanity explore space, beyond, you know, the shit I can see out my window at night.

    As you said, you need to teach people to change their ways. That doesn't mean removal of government. Government. Isn't. The problem.

    For example, illegal immigration. People complain and complain that government is oppressive and authoritarian, and then as soon as the brown people move in they want government to hold their hand and put up a giant fence. 'We want opportunity and freedom from your oppression but keep these people out."

    It's the people. Us. All of us. Government or no government, our greatest technological achievements that have affected everyone of the past century have been different variations of horseless carriages and talking boxes. We're still living in the primal tribe mindset. Our country, our rights, our money, us and them, us and them.

    We're fucking stupid. You can't blame it on government because government is an idea people give meaning to, an idea people created. With or without government if the people are the same the result is the same. We all have a part in it and to the blame the idea itself is fallacious.

    "Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof."
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    Removal of government is the same thing as attempting to restrict the pathways that allow for corruption. It's the same thing as making drugs or guns illegal because people abuse them, it's the same mindset.

    Its not as though the path has to be walked. To create litigation (such as a constitution) is to attempt to restrict restriction. To remove government is to attempt to restrict restriction.

    What's in between? What is the fulcrum supporting the concepts of 'restriction and government' and 'restriction of restriction and anarchy'?


    Extremes are not balance.

  7. It seems as though you're implying that the ability for people to thieve and murder from each other is the same as the government thieving and raping - which it simply isn't.

    I wouldn't say the government has a monopoly on force but their is always the possibility of anarchy - well ok maybe not in America but in some places where people give a fuck.
  8. Without law, people are the law. The decisions aren't made by ignoramus' behind a closed door. They are made by you and me. That is the greatest deterrent to crime ever. Everyone is free to carry whatever form of protection they would want. Everyone is free to do whatever they please until they piss someone else off. You learn manners and how to act civilized as opposed to our current system where thieves are relatively common and their punishment is never to repay their victims but rather to suck off of their tit even more by having all of life's luxuries paid for by our tax dollars.

    You would learn mighty quick what is acceptable and what isn't in a world where everyone had the power to end someone's life.
  9. So what would stop people who wanted to take control from taking control..
  10. I kinda like the idea of anarchy, that is, real anarchy. Small communities who make decisions in deliberation. I have no idea how people would go about it and there are probably dozens of pitfalls with this idea, but still, the idea in itself doesn't sound bad.

    There would have to be a mass war that fucks up a lot of the worlds industries and power bases for this to ever happen though, people are too used to luxury for it to ever work.

  11. Yeah I'm familiar with anarchy. I think that you are a little too willing to believe that your interpretation of manners and civilization would be widely accepted and are a little different than mine. Too bad many situations like that would more than likely result in who has the biggest stick - and that truly becomes the arbiter of right or wrong in what you're proposing.

  12. Street justice? :devious:

    Ideally people would be more vigilant and conscious of events... maybe even educated.

  13. exactly it would also force people in those communities to get to know eachother.

    everyone could bring something to the table
    less policeing

    everyone could help everyone.

    i say we just fucking ban positions of power:D
    maybe have like a council voted in(except because its a small community thiers more choices and you know the people)

    then again i could just be really:bongin:

    but truthfully id love to live a property where i know everyone and we can have big outdoor cookoffs and smoke openly and go fishing.

    its hard work but its honest.

    crops and cows man

    crops and cows

    (except we keep certain things i.e. running water electric)

    damn man i need to go get some fresh air i went on a little bit of a rant.......
  14. ^ thats the thing though. Coming into a collective with a collectivist mind set will lead to individuals getting crushed.

    Coming into a collective willingly as an individualist will allow for the most powerful collective ever to form. Each individual can protect and provide for themselves. Yet if an outside entity attempt to harm one of them, the entire collective of individuals will destory the outside threat.

  15. nonono i dont mean force people to xD

    im just saying if we teach people to seek a higher education then the one were being given(such as finding out the lies about marijuana.
    and if we try to subdue illogical reasoning(i hate that person cause he does things difrently)

    i just want a peaceful world man where we can all work our shit out without fighting over everything.

    the world is to complicated these days and many most likely live out their lives spending most of it grudgingly working their way to hopefully "retire"

    thats no way to live youre life
  16. The great thing is that everyone has the potential to wield the biggest stick. Right now the biggest stick is nuclear weapons. It is very difficult, albeit still possible, for an individual to wield nuclear arms. Currently the fact that nuclear arms exist has been a deterrent enough for nations not to use them, but individuals can have mental disorders unchecked by the state.

    Regardless I still believe anarchy will one day reign supreme in a fashion which almost no one can envision. I've come across but one individual which envisions this world in a way which truly has the possibility to manifest.

    Anyways, in regards to the "biggest stick" issue there is something which is often overlooked. Even if one person has the potential to kill many others, the consequences of doing so would be dire and would result in the exact annihilation of the individual who would choose to use such a powerful stick.

    When people are faced with a direct conflict within the community, they almost always will destroy the opposition or the on who is instigating such aggression.
  17. OMG There should be a poll on this forum to see how many stoned peeps ACTUALLY read that entire thing lol!
  18. think of how exciting it is knowing that it is possible for there to be another "revolution," because the old generation rules the young generation, and as the young generation grows, they effectively replace the "ideas" of the older generation, of course there will be things that won't change but after a while I could see another huge re-establishment of the united states

    PS: i'm really high right now please forgive me for my terrible sentence structure :p
  19. I agree with Buddy Dink 100%, because once you realize that no one will change (lifting the guise of government) just because there are no regulations: the same people who smoke crack will do so, the same people who steal will do so, that's not going to change simply because the government is there. But the people who do good, live to wish freely and prosper, will still do just that. I don't need any kind of regulator to tell me how to live my life, especially because: I can protect myself, fend for myself, etc. I'm very individualistic and I don't need anyone else to support myself.

    The argument that everyone will go crazy is completely benign; the people who work hard every day are not suddenly going to resort to cooking meth...

    I can imagine the world in that everyone settles themselves, becomes more aware of others and their surroundings, and general well being is restored.

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