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Discussion in 'General' started by FormerlyBlank, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Well my fellow friends and smokers, how do you feel about our government? Probably not good, right? No one will ever love their government - or be completely pleased with it or how its run. Its our duty as citizens to bitch about taxes and such. A shitty run government is better than a corrupt one though..

    Our government is made up of lies. Or so i believe. You heard about the Russia attacking Goergia? That didnt happen at all, Goergia attacked russia.
    Heres proof -
    The attempt to get them to shut up is so obvious =]

    If you look into 9/11 its entirely obvious it was planned.. or known about, by our government. The owner of the trade towers took out a terrorist insurance plan a month before it happened - and there were rolling blackouts a week before the attack, where mechanics were sent into the towers "updating security" or something like that.

    The list of conspiracies is way to long for it to just be 1 corrupt President. Im not saying everyone was corrupt but alot were. - interesting **** right there How people react when confronted about these conspiracies is the biggest evidence, well to me.

    Just trying to open some eyes, although im sure alot of people here are already aware of all this BS made up by our government. Im open for conversation, i dont know a ton about all this stuff, but i know a bit. Peace =P

    Oh and if their are already threads about this, sorry, i just wanted to see peoples responses.
  2. And everything in Zeitgeist is true right? The moon landing is also a hoax right? Also big foot still roams the country side with the loch ness monster. Take off the tin foil hat.
  3. Yeah, man I don't believe Vladimir Putin would ever do something like that
  4. Im not saying all theories are true.. just alot of them. Just look into some of it. And hey, theDope, whats with the hostility man, whats up your ass on this beautiful monday night?
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    Too bad that media is not state run.

    Considering there has been a terrorist attack on precisely those buildings and many threats since, it's of no surprise that they would.

    Yes... A building complex of that scale needs regular maintenance. That surprises you?

    ADDITION: TheDope's aggressive stance may not be required, but is certainly understandable considering the ill-effects of general credulity.
  6. Im not sure i get you, you saying that the site is run by terrorists trying to turn Americans against there own country? Im a bit lost =] Alex jones was born in Texas man. The real problem with the media is that they report whatever their superiors tell them too, and its all extremely biased - just look at the general treatment of Ron Paul.
  7. No hostility. These theories have been debunked so many times its not even an argument. I'll let my friend Sam Spade deal with these threads.
  8. No, I'm trying to say that media and the government place little value in each other's interests.

    Oh please don't do that.

    That's now how debate works. You make a clear and specific claim, you then explain your logic or rationale, and then (when possible) back up the claim with evidence and citations.

    Speak for yourself, my friend.

    Have done, I'm just trying to get you to make some positive claims.

    Yeah that's over two years old. I've seen it. Many of these claims have been totally and thoroughly debunked. Unfortunately a poorly mediated 20-something minute television show is a very poor format for a debate.

    Feel free to reiterate claims and then I will systematically rebuttal. It makes things much more relevant to current data and information.
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    Um, that swastika in that context has NOTHING to do with nazism.

    Way to exercise those critical thinking skills... hahahaha
  10. Government is nothing but a corrupt, illusionary middleman for what the market does much more efficiently and naturally. I wish people could understand this.

    Concisely, it's a lot of bad people making good money undeservedly. They embody "children with weapons" moreso than the religious establishment. At least the church doesn't have nukes.
  11. way to be a douchebag...just because my critical thinking leads me to different conclusions doesnt mean anything sammy.

    i am well aware of the origins and meanings of the swastika and it was used by the Third Reich for its esoteric meanings, in fact im sure the only reason the US doesnt use the symbol is because of its Nazi stigma. Your governments leaders are in fact Nazis in the sense that they share the same esoteric beliefs, they just didnt massacre millions of alledged jews.

    all this shows me is that Putin is in the circle of Illuminated people and just thought id share. you can see it however you want, but please dont insult my intelligence just because you choose to see things differently.
  12. God how many times do I have to post this!

    and all this stuff is being debated in the Political Forum
  13. You cannot post a youtube video and call it proof, anyone can make a video and post it, doesn't make it concrete fact.
  14. Namecalling? Wow, I thought it was pretty early in the conversation for you to start off on that. You must feel extra defensive today. Sometimes there is nothing bad about admitting that you're wrong.

    And it actually does. When you invoke a preconceived bias as the basis of your premise, then your thinking becomes flawed.

    Well that and the fact that the US already has it's own series of nationalistic symbols...

    Hahaha WHAT? Which government leaders do you refer to? Stephen Harper? Stephane Dion? Jack Layton? Gilles Duceppe?

    I mean, I know that Stephan Dion is an idiot and not well-liked by many Canadians, but calling a Nazi is a little out of line, don't you think?


    There is no chance that he is riding in an area of Russia that has historically used the swastika for thousands of years? Because he is.

    In the Siberian Mountains, in fact, is some of the oldest cultural uses of the swastika, along with surrounding areas such as China, Nepal, Mongolia and most of the Asian-Pacific.

    It has a different meaning in that region of the world than it does in the west.

    Here's a couple sources:

    But you're just being willfully ignorant to these facts, to support your flimsy thesis.

    Come on now, use Ockham's Razor, this is a perfect situation for such a concept.

    You got called out on it. Instead of riding this burning mass to the ground in a fiery wreck of willful ignorance, it would be a lot more productive to admit you're wrong and to perhaps even re-evaluate you conclusions.
  15. Im feeling the metaphor man.

    Maybe the youtube link was a bit outdated, sorry about that. The truth is that 9/11 has never completely been "debunked", in fact it seems conspiracy theorists (horribly stereotyped) have been written of as tin foil hat wearing lunatics that believe someone is watching their every move. WRONG. Thats someone who has let certain drugs completely take over his or her sane (or in this case slightly insane) mind.

    As for what you wrote about the government and the media having separate interests, that too is bullshit. Who do you think owns the major media networks? Very very powerful and influential people, where do you get the "truth" from? The news, right? Good 'ol reliable Fox network and such. Why haven't any network covered the 9/11 conspiracy in a full and unbiased way? Why was that 1 fat talk show host kicked off her network without warning? She was about to have "truthers" on her show.

    Media and government are hand in hand man :wave:

  16. and the conspiracy behind 9/11 has never been actually proven with good evidence.
  17. Thats all I hear is poeple bitch and moan about our government, do you do shit to change it or atleast make yourself feel better? Lot of complaints, little movement.

    Id still rather live in America then ANY other country, if you say different then go be happy somewhere else, America doesnt want you either..feelings mutual.
  18. Very true man, but what else can i really do, im trying to get people to look into it right here. Just trying to arouse some curiosity.
    And america is still one of the most free countries out there. In a materialistic sort of way
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