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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by patio87, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. So I only think about this when I'm high, and I need to write it down, because I won't if I'm straight. So these commercials are ridiculous, they make me feel bad when I watch them high, especially the one with the little boy who sees his sister and her friend smoking a joint.
    Now the reason this commercial makes me feel bad is because all we who smoke cannabis know that it is insanely weak compared to all other drugs. No matter how high I get, I'm still all there mentally, and completely in control of my actions. Now if you take alcohol you can get to a point where you are out of control, blacked out, or even dead. But this poor kid is fed this propaganda about how how awful this drug is, how it will make you crazy, run somebody over, etc etc (reefer madness) through programs at there 4th grade class with Ms. Teehee.
    And comparing it with alcohol. All we who smoke cannabis KNOW(think about that...) that this is propaganda, we KNOW that it is all bullshit, but our governments spend billions a year of OUR money to fund these programs. And yet all we see about alcohol is DON'T DRIVE DRUNK, and yet people fall over dead from consuming it, shooting cops, rape people, murder, etc. I don't think I ever heard of someone killing someone because they were so stoned.
    Now I'm not saying I want anti-alcohol commercials from the government, I'm for less government. I'm saying what you all ready know, that it should be our right to choose, and have the right, just as we have the right to drink and not be bombarded by such government tax payed programs for anti-alcohol commercials. But I just find it odd how our country bomb bard us with commercials payed by tax money, that all of us know is Bullshit. And that if they tried it they would realize that they spend so much on nothing
  2. Why do you think they do it then?

  3. I don't know. Why was marijuana made illegal in the first place. It makes no sense to have marijuana illegal when a much worse drug is legal.
  4. As with most things in this life, money-influence-politics all play a role. Pharmaceuticals are a billions of dollar per year industry. Do you remember (about) 15 years ago when they tried to squelch the natural/herbal industry? There was such a backlash that they finally had to back down, but the goal of the drug industry and the chemical industry is the same as it has been for years: Deny marijuana's usefulness and cast it as something diabolical. Only many voices will change this. Until then, we will all shake our heads at the crap they put on the tube.
  5. when i looked into this it sounded like cannabis prohibition is a racist conspiracy perpetrated by very few people who wanted to stomp cannabis out as competition for the logging industry. i believe a couple of the major players were william hearst and harry anslinger who used comically inaccurate propaganda to sway the opinions of uneducated voters.

  6. You won't see these commercials because the ones who want anti-alcohol commercials don't have enough money to match what the alcohol industry puts into congress. Basically, anti-alcohol lobbyists don't have shit on the alcohol industry in capitol hill.

    At least anti-tobacco campaigns such as has a lot more financial support to put up a fight against tobacco industry, but the onyl reason for that is probably because ten times more people a year die from tobacco than alcohol, which means a lot more angry people and a lot more money put in. Money money money, that's what our country is all about :)
  7. Corporate-sponsored lobbyist incumbency seems to be a real phenomenon.

  8. i just laugh at these commercials. its sick and twisted that hard working people have to pay money to support this utter bullshit. but then again, they dont. because taxation in America is literally illegal. look it up. its very interesting. people have won cases against the state for not paying taxes because there is no law that enforces taxation.
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